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Monday, March 23, 2009

Dominic's stomach says so...

Tonight I made a red pepper pesto with spaghetti and then baked oatmeal cranberry cookies (mostly for my friend, which left about 5 for us). I took pine nuts, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, parsley and then roasted a red pepper, cut it up and threw that all in my blender. All while the spaghetti was boiling and the cookies were rising.

Usually the boyfriend just tolerates my meals. I cook a lot, but not the kind of stuff he likes. He wants meat pies and stews and chicken with stuff on it. I make things like quinoa salad and beet hash. Weird, hippie shit that just doesn't satisfy this hungry man who sleeps next to me.

But tonight I did the unthinkable. We ate and he immediately said, "mmmm. This is definitely one of your top 5 meals." and gobbled it up in seconds. I left him the rest of the sauce I created to do what he will for lunch tomorrow and he was actually excited by this.

Now if only I could remember what those other 4 top meals were.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello Ms. Cleo

Yesterday I gave my friend her birthday present. Actually, I gave it to both of us. You see, we went to a psychic reader. I've wanted to do this for quite some time and this was my chance. Sure it was a pricey gift, but it was also completely selfish and I thought in a way that evened things out.

As far as my future goes, here is what she had to say:

-I'm going to travel. (duh)
-I'm about to do something that is totally different in my career that could cause me to spend money toward education. (Kinda right, as my long-term goal is to pay off my loans 10-fold so I can live on a farm for a month or three)
-I have a pain in my heart and/or chest. (I don't, and I also don't have any ill-will which she said could stem from this feeling)
-I should take lots of vitamins and keep healthy, she wasn't sure why, she just felt I should do this. (If I took any more vitamins and kept any more healthy I'd seriously turn into a vitamin apple hybrid person)
-My sister and I are very different, and even if we get along we have something between us that might cause conflict and jealously. (This was one of those spot on things that I was like, ok who were you talking to psychic lady)
-I have communication issues with my dad. (duh, see last comment)
-I'm going to either become preggers or have a child in the month of April. Not necessarily this April (WHEW!) but in the month of April. (REALLY FAR INTO THE FUTURE, WHERE I MIGHT ALREADY BE DEAD AND CAN MIRACULOUSLY HAVE BABIES IN APRIL IN THE AFTERLIFE)
-I'm wondering about a person who I'm friends with who may be more than friends. (I couldn't think of who this was. This was the very first thing that she said and I was all, bitch, I have a boyfriend. There best not be a situation here.)
-I'm going to have one more man in my life. (And by one more, I'm hoping she means the man child I have in my afterlife)
-I'm going to make more money in this next career path. (Another thing she got dead wrong, as farming pays shit and right now I'm quite comfortable. Although, I don't expect the farming thing to be a new career path. If anything, it'll be Dominic and I just making more of our crazy ideas and having people develop them. Now that could make us that stupid money that lets us go to Australia every year. And that would be fine by me.)
-I had problems with a woman at my last job and I should resolve them. (I didn't, well not really. I just wasn't friends with anyone and that always kinda sucks)

And that's all I can remember right now. There were other tidbits about Dominic that I asked and that she thankfully got spot on, and some about my Mom which I'm sure she'll ask me about immediately after reading this.

All in all it was fun. I wouldn't do it every week, or month or year. But I'm so glad I did it and if any of it comes true I'll most likely forget she even told me about it.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Question #7

Why is it that some people like to sit, stand or hover right next to you? Today I was changing at the gym when a woman walked up right next to me and proceeded to shove her shit in the locker next to mine. Did she not see the 200 other lockers that were available in the huge ass changing area? Why the one next to me? Even if that's her spot didn't she find it annoying to have to constantly close her locker so I could get into mine. Hey stupid fucking gym goer, I was here first! Pick another locker. This is my gym space. That is yours way the fuck over there. Kapeesh?

Besides that everything is going great. I have a job. I'm totally hyper on a half a cup of the shittiest Starbucks coffee and there's a big window with a nice view right in front of my face. If this stupid gym bitch is the only thing fucking my up life, then I really must have it made.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Dum dum dum dum dum...

That's the tune that will be stuck in my head for the next few days thanks to my watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind for the first time.

Personally, I thought it was too long. E.T. was a way better story and had a more touching ending. This flick was just okay for me. Not a movie I want to sit through again though. Hardly anything over 2 hours is something I want to see again.

But the best part of the movie was in the very beginning when Dominic said,

"I can't remember what the little kid's name is, but I know it's something weird."

He said this like he meant it, and he did. He hadn't seen Close Encounters in years and all he remembered was that this kid's name was something crazy, unthinkable and just plain weird.

Then about 5 seconds later, when this totally bizarro-named kid ran away into the fields chasing the space ship his mother yelled out,


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