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Friday, May 26, 2006

Fuck you boxes!

I'm almost all unpacked. My "shit" came yesterday. They only "lost" one box and "broke" one tv. I only put those in parenthesis, because I'm gonna try my hardest to get the money back for these items, but for some reason I feel a "i'm getting screwed" moment coming. And I know that without a camera, they might have a hard time believing me. I guess I can always buy a disposable one. Arghhh....

But now I'm in hanging hell. This is the part I dread the most. This is where I wish I had Mike here to help. And when I say help, I mean just do it for me. Because it sucks. I know I'll mess up 10 times, and then I'll finally get the screw in the wall and realize I don't want it there. Maybe I'll do something else. There's still loads of boxes to take to the recycling and oh yeah, PACKING FOR SASQUATCH!!!!! Yes, maybe hanging will just have to wait till Monday.

P.S. As I was cutting 5 plastic bags, I decided that t-shirts might do better as a rug. So, I'm gonna treat myself to $10 worth of hmmmm... either green or purple t-shirts (really, whatever I find in all one color, or hues). And it was funny that Maya commented that I should get Knitting with a Twist, cause I just joined the library and picked that book up a few days ago. Spooky!

P.P.S. I'm still totally procrastinating doing anything else to my apartment, as you can tell by this jibber jabber nonsense goobley goop of a blog.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why the internet fucking rocks.

So, for the past few weeks I've been hunting for furniture. Not Ikea or Pottery Barn crap, but the kind of shit I like, retroy old fashion stuff. If I went to vintage stores I realized this would take me years to find exactly what I wanted. Then I realized, DUH, CRAIGSLIST! And on Monday I found my last piece. I've acquired 2 awesome 60's teak dressers and this kick ass vinyl covered coffee table. I love the fact that no one will say, "Oh, isn't this Ikea?" when they see my old furniture. For some reason this makes me happy. Don't ask me why. And the people I've purchased things from are always so friendly. The coffee table couple actually were selling their whole house, and when I saw an old cash register I asked how much and they said FREE!

So, I'm done with all the furniture. But now I'm looking for rugs. I really just need 3. Two small ones and one big one. I'm sure I'll keep looking on craigslist, because I keep finding rugs people haven't even used yet for half the price they paid for it, and if you guys know anything about good rugs (not the kinds with stripes and shit, but the old looking kinds) you know they are pretty pricey. I recently found a huge shag rug someone was selling for only 75 bucks that they bought from cb2 at like $300. They just realized it didn't match, thus they sell! Same goes for people who buy things at room and board (a very pricey place that sells retro shit I love). So, I'm sure I'll find something soon. But for now I'm really sick of shopping, so I decided instead of buying a small rug, I'd just make one out of something.

I asked Maya how to go about this, as I haven't seen any patterns I really like. She pointed me in some directions, but I'm still not sure. Then I looked on her website at all the people she reads (as they're all knitters). Then I looked at their sites and so on and so forth. I found so many awesome sites, that I've fully wasted my morning looking at Japanese craft books and Thrifters who make cool shit out of garbage. This is why I love the internet so. Now, all I need is a sewing machine so I can really make these skirts I found and other such awesome things.

It's kinda weird, cause I've never sewn a thing in my life, but for some reason I think I'll be okay at it. If a button falls off, even when I was little I'd just sew shit back together and it always looks decent. So, I think my grandmother must have passed down some crafting skills into my blood. She would refuse to teach me, even when I begged her. She'd say I wouldn't pay attention, but really I think she just didn't have the patience to teach me or she didn't want to teach me because then I wouldn't need her to make me things. If only she could see me now!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My apartment.

Let's start off by saying I haven't lived in many apartments. I've been lucky enough to find people (Mark, Steve, Caitlin) who live in houses and we share them. Thus, none of that apartment noise. In just two days, I've already gotten used to it but, man oh man, I can't wait to afford my own place one day. I'll have a dishwasher and washer and dryer right at my disposal (and I'll have a garbage disposal too). But for now, my fabulous wood floors/claw foot tubbed apartment will have to do.

Since Sunday I've been living at the new pad, without any furniture, pots and pans, plates, etc. BECAUSE MY STUFF ISN"T COMING UNTIL THE 25TH!!!! And since I'm not a hacker, I can't get internet either. Lucily I have itunes and enough podcasts to keep me entertained at night. I also have the crazy guy who walks around screaming, "I REEK! DAMN I SMELL!" at different hours of the night. Ahhh, to live in the city.

The first night was a little strange, as I expected. I woke up exhausted, because a)I was (I had worked and moved all weekend) and b)I realized with the crazy loud talking man, sleeping on my couch (the only thing I have to sleep on right now) and not realizing how cold it would get at night with all the windows open, I probably slept a total of 3 hours. Thus, last night I passed out at around 9. Of course, the second I'd fall into dreamland the phone would ring. This happened twice, luckily 5 minutes apart so it wasn't too bad. But right after that, I slept like a baby. Actually, better than a baby, cause don't they always cry at night? I slept like an old lady who can't hear shit. Yep, that's exactly how I slept from 9ish to 6:30.

I had a friend ask (someone who obviously hasn't lived on their own yet) why I would want live alone? Well, I'm 27. I'd like to consider myself an adult, and as much as it's nice to sometimes have people around, you realize (or at least I do) that when that roommate is gone, you really love it much much more. Even with the best of roommates you still find yourself wanting he/she to leave just so you can enjoy your alone time. And right now, even without the furniture and with the weird talker downstairs, I'm in heaven!

Oh, and did I mention that I'm going to Sasquatch this weekend? I bought my tickets last week and discovered that not only is the lineup unbelievable, but jam packed too! Here is the exact order I will be seeing these bands, on the hour every hour till midnight each night.


Rogue Wave
Architecture in Helsinki
Sufjan Stevens (probably the only one that I don't really care to see)
Irone & Wine
Neko Case
Tragically Hip (or) The Constantines (I CAN'T DECIDE!!)
The Shins
Flaming Lips
Ben Harper


Nada Surf
Artic Monkeys
Decemberists (or Ben Lee)
We Are Scientists
Queens of the Stoneage
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Death Cab for Cutie

I have a feeling I'll be the oldest chick there...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

29 days and counting...

I haven't had a real vacation in about 4 years. Sure, I went to Atlanta last year and I've been home a handful of times but here are the reasons neither of those count.

1. I was visiting a friend. Which basically means I have to end up doing what they're doing. I have to wait for her to come home with the car. I have to eat what she's eating.

2. Parents + Really Bad Arguments, does not = vacation

Don't get me wrong. I had fun (1. and when I would hang out with my sister in 2.) Just not relaxing, vacation fun.

And although, in 29 days I won't be going somewhere exotic and I won't be laying on a beach or anything. I'll be able to do whatever I want. We're gonna have so much fun, that I wish the 29 days was tomorrow! And well, techinically we could go to the beach. It's only a 5 minute drive. So fuck it, we're going to the beach too! And we're gonna see The Singles apartments. And maybe even Kurt Cobain's house (if I can actually find it). And then we're gonna do nothing at all. And then we're gonna do everything. Hooray for vacations!

But one of the things I really want to do with my 9 WHOLE DAYS OFF! is go to Vancouver. I'm thinking only a day trip, as I must remember I get paid less/I pay twice as much rent than I used to. I figured we'll hit up some kind of coffeeshop (not the kind of place you get coffee). But I've been scouring the internet, and it looks like it's not as easy to buy stuff as you'd think. Most coffeeshops just let you smoke there, but I can't find any that actually sells. And although I hear it's everywhere, I rather get it from an actual establishment and not Dirty Pete in the alley. Blogland, any help here?

Besides that, I know I want to go to this Chinese garden place, and Chinatown. Not sure how it compares to Toronto's or New York's but I read that it's up there. And if you blog people have suggestions too, I'll take them. Just remember, I'll be there for a day. Drive there. Eat lunch. Smoke. Probably eat some more. See maybe 2 cool things. Drive back.

Okay, now it's back to work I go!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Greyish Anatomy


So, if you're like me you hung up with whomever you were talking at exactly 9:00 last night to see the TWO HOUR SEASON FINALE OF GREY'S ANATOMY!!!

And just like a movie, they could have cut out huge chunks and I would have just been pleased with an hour instead of wasting my time (and wanting to sleep) with 2 friggin' hours of nonsense. The first hour especially was completely useless to me.

But hot damn, those last 30 minutes were da bomb. Denny dies! ACK!! I balled like a baby. And then Meredith and McDreamy!! I mean, having Fin around is definitely a nice distraction, cause god knows that boy needs to be back on the screen. But this all seems vaguely familiar. Like a Sex and the City love triangle with Carrie/Big/The Russian. You just always knew The Russian never had a chance.

Anyway, bravo for the last 30 minutes. Poo poo shit caca on the first hour and a half. Especially the prom shit. And whether or not Denny was gonna get that heart. Could that have been dragged out any longer???

In other news, (man, this is gonna be a chick filled blog today. sorry boys) I just saw the preview for The Devil Wears Prada, and I know I'm gonna curse myself for going to the theater and seeing it but I'm gonna have to do it. I enjoyed the book, and Meryl Streep hasn't been wrong yet, so sure, I'll waste the 8 bucks to see a good book turn into a butchered movie.

AND, I saw Brokeback Mountain finally. I'm a bit slow on the movies these days. I remember back in the day, I was hoping for a Blockbuster Black card (I swear this exists!) because I would rent at least 4 movies a week. But that was also a time when I wasn't having sex with my then boyfriend. So there you go...

Well, let me tell you folks, I've had people tell me IT WAS SO AMAZING I CRIED AND BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH. If you rather not hear yet another person's opinion on this flick, then you can stop reading here. But 99% of the time, my opinion is the right, so it's probably best if you listened to me on this one. IT FUCKING SUCKED! Not only was it dreadfully boring (side note: if you are into westerns where all they show are guys herding sheep and having conversations you can't hear because the pretty god awful music is on cue, then you'll just love this flick. in fact, buy it now and jerk off to it later), but I just didn't get what the big deal was? Were these guys supposed to be in love? Cause really it just looked like these 2 wanted to go out back and bang. And Michelle Williams! Sure she was good as a wife who went ballistic, but to be nominated for a fucking Oscar for only being in a movie for 7 minutes just didn't make sense to me.

Actually, she might have been the only part I liked. Because god knows I couldn't understand a word Heath Ledger said the whole time. Whenever he had a speaking part, I had to rewind it at least twice every time to understand what the fuck he was trying to say. I'm still not sure what his last words were that he mumbled while still carrying around that blood soaked shirt.

I will admit this and this only. The Notebook was way better.

And then I started thinking about the movies that were better than Crash and Brokeback Mountain (just this year). Here's my list:

-40 Year Old Virgin (paul feig consistently makes anything worth watching)
-Me and You and Everyone We Know (i've heard mixed opinions, but this was by far the best movie i've seen since the royal tenebaums)
-Tarnation (Actually, this might have come out 2 years ago- either way, very good)
-Junebug (kinda slow, but still way better)
-The Squid and the Whale (i just love laura linney in anything she does- and creepy kids seem to be a running theme in movies/tv lately)

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mommy, don't cry...

So, it's official. Today my mom and dad are officially divorced. They signed the papers and all. No longer husband and wife. No more till death do they part shit. And all that other stuff celebrities say to eachother when you know it's doomed from the get go. I mean, I knew my parents were always doomed, but I never thought my mom could go through with it. But I'm glad she did, right?

When my mom told me this morning, although I knew it was happening it still felt weird to actually hear. After a little over 30 years, there's nothing left. I should be happy, but I just feel a little confused really. Actually, hearing my mom cry made it worse. We both know she had to do it, but making it final is harder than you'd think. I haven't been sad for awhile now, and suddenly I'm crying at work. Eek! Where are my sunglasses...

I always kinda figured my mom would just stick with it, even though she was miserable, I was miserable, etc. etc. Now that it's done, I'll just be another statistic. Another kid with divorced parents. Except I'll never have to go through the custody battle bullshit or do the whole visit 2 families over the holidays thing. No fucking siree.

Now let's go back to our regularly scheduled program, shall we....

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not another hatch!!!


Okay, so I watched last weeks Lost, thanks to Imran and abc.com! I definitely didn't see the double homicide coming. No way jose! And then last night's episode. Everything just keeps getting better and better for these people. But I'm still wondering why they killed off Anna Lucia and Libby. Neither of their stories were nearly finished (especially crazy Libby). You think they're gonna still finish them, or it's just something we'll never know? I thought they would do Libby's story on last nights episode, but nooooo, they just tortured me with yet another damn hatch.

Why couldn't they just kill Charlie already? He's done. Blah blah heroin. Blah blah has been artist. Blah blah booooring.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Knitting is Neato!

Once I found out I was moving to Seattle, I abandoned all knitting projects. I just didn't have time to devout even 5 mintues to a row, when there was packing and saying goodbye and figuring shit out. Even on the drive up here, I couldn't knit because I wanted to see everything. And I'm not the experienced type who doesn't need to look at her needles. So, I haven't done shit in about 2 months. My mother's blanket has remained at a length of 3 inches for way too long.

Thus, I decided over the weekend to fucking pick up those needles and get to work. I made a pact with myself saying that no matter what, I'd knit for 30 minutes everyday. And it's worked! Actually, I've been doing more like an hour, because I only get two rows done in a half hour with this mammoth blanket. And besides there's always something to kinda pay attention to on the TV for at least an hour.

Funny, how instantly you can drop something, pick it up and get addicted to it all over again. Just like cigarettes! But way healthier.

Now, I'm up to about 10 inches (I think? I have no good judgement of length and too lazy to find my measuring tape).

Momma, you'll get that thing by Fall. I promise!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Dream a little dream.

A few nights ago, I had a nightmare. Although it might not seem like such a bad dream to some people, to me it was right up there with falling and realizing you’re not wearing clothes at school.

All I remember is that I was moving into my new apartment and I was very excited. I walked in and found that other people were living in there too. I thought to myself, “That’s strange. Am I at the right place?” So I checked, and yep, that was my apartment, but the manager forgot to tell me that I would be living with a few people as well. And then I noticed that the place was trashed. Newspapers everywhere. Garbage not put in garbage bags. And all that clutter!

I woke up in a panic, thinking that of course, this won’t happen, but holy shit- when did I get so scared about that kind of shit?! If you knew me in college, you know that I slept on top of piles of clothes and wouldn’t clean my sheets for months at a time. Maybe years…

Then, sometime during my years at PC I wanted to be organized and BAM! I did! Now, I can’t really go back. I’m this clean girl, now and forever. And hopefully my new apartment will be clean (and roommate free) when it’s officially mine. Otherwise, say hello to panic attacks.

Monday, May 08, 2006


I'm not a whole lot busier at the new job, but enough to not blog everyday. At the old jobs, I wouldn't do things for days at a time. And as much as people think that's awesome, it quickly loses its glamour after you surfed the internet for 5 straight hours.

I'm busy in a good way, not a Carl way (for people who don't know my friend Carl, he's so busy he hasn't had time to get a haircut in 6 months). I'm busy like I work almost all day, with little breaks to talk and such and then I head home or walk around or do errands after work. And the weekends have either consisted of a)finding an apartment (CHECK!) b)buying random bath/kitchen shit I don't have (almost check!) c)looking at furniture on craigslist to fill my new, fabulous apartment d)going to parties/concerts/drinking events/meeting new people.

I haven't been bored yet. I've missed my friends, of course. And man, things would be so much easier if I didn't have to explain my story to every person I meet, but I know the drill. It's all apart of making friends. At least they're interested and ask about me.

Now for my side note: I MISSED TWO LOST EPISODES!!! No biggie, really. I was gonna buy it on itunes, but then I figured it would come out to be the same if I just waited and rented it when they all came out on dvd, so I'm holding out. I won't watch any other Lost episodes till the season is over. Right?! Ahhh, it gets more frustrating than that, because the other day I stupidly looked up for a snip-bit of the show and saw something that totally spoiled a part of the show (When Michael shoots Laura, I believe- I could be wrong, cause I just saw him shooting someone and quickly turned off the TV cursing myself for looking up in the first place.) So, this basically means I can't watch ABC until the season is over. But I can't do that either, because Grey's Anatomy is too cheesy, I have to watch it. Thus, the never ending cycle that will inevitably destroy this season of Lost for me. Oh well, it's just TV. I'll live. Especially when I have the water and mountains to look at instead.

Peace to all.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm one of those busy ladies.

I kinda hate chinese food (I'll only do vegetarian dishes now) but I went to a fabulous place in Chinatown yesterday and then off to see Sigur Ros with a kick ass opening band, whom I actually bought a signed poster from (because I need art). I know their music very well, but had no idea what their concerts would be like. I can only imagine someone on acid would have a fantastic time, as the lighting displays were spectacular. It was fun, in a very relaxed kinda way and the bonus was that it was free (a welcome to Seattle present from Maya's friend, and my new apartment manager, Zach Attack!)

Today, I thought I'd just sit and do nothing but then I found out that it's the last day my museum has the Roy Lichenstein exhibit and Thursdays are Free!!! So, you know I have to go. I'm super quick at museums so most likely I'll be there for like an hour and be back in time to cozy up in bed and think about the weekend (which is already filling up fast!).

I don't have real friends yet, but everyone loves doing what I love doing so it's super easy to ask anyone to go with you somewhere. Luckily, most of the things I find are free (like walking, or free museum thursdays or going to Pike Place Market to work). And free equals awesome. And awesome is cool. And cool is not raining. And not raining is what it's been like in Seattle, thank you very much (SO STOP ASKING!!!!).

Okay, kinda lame blog. But I'm busy here. Not bad busy. Real good busy. Haven't really been bored busy. But not Steve busy, where I'm up till 3am pulling out my hair. I still don't understand that boy. Maya??

Monday, May 01, 2006

Fuck Ikea

So, I've been looking for furniture. I have the couch all set (right mom?) and now all I really need to fit my fabulous new apartment (wood floors, claw foot tub, right in the heart of everything- hopefully I'll know if the place is mine by this week!!) is a dresser and coffee table.

And while talking to some people here, a few didn't just suggest Ikea- they almost demanded it. Well, let me tell you something here folks- I REFUSE TO EVER SET FOOT IN THERE EVER AGAIN!

Only because a year ago, I relunctantly went with my good friend, Caitlin and probably had the worst time in a furniture store, ever. It was so cluttered with college type furniture I almost had a panic attack. Sure, some of the stuff is worthy to buy, but not for me to spend hours piecing together.

Thus, my search has solely been on craigslist. Which is what I like better anyway, because where else can you find old 1920's vanity dresser type thingys for really great prices! Just my style too.

I mean, I guess I could go cheap and just get a fucking Ikea catalog and do it. But no, I'd regret it. Especially when I've been finding vintage, beautiful wood pieces for only 200 bucks. And they'll deliver! All in one piece!!

I'm getting to that stage in life where the pieces I buy shouldn't be plastic, and must actually kinda coordinate (but not match too much) so that one day when I buy my own house (in like 20 years??) everything will go together magically.

Okay, that's all for me. It's 10:30 pacific, which means I have to go to sleep like 10 minutes because I'm going to work early.

Sorry for the lack of blogging (mom). I've actually got shit to do!