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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boohoo, no blog for you.

Summer goes by like that sometimes. Even when the weather is crappy and then suddenly it's amazing and then it's back to be crappy, I suddenly and quite successfully kept myself pretty occupied.

-I spent my weekends at a "summer home" on the other side of town in a nice home with a piano and one of my favorite parks right in my backyard.
-I camped with girlfriends and floated on a river in perfectly hot weather.
-I took a hellish road trip with Dominic, and while some parts were actually fun - I doubt we'll take another vacation like that one in quite some time. Or at the very least, check the weather report before we even bother getting in the car.
-I went to Whistler with another couple and Dominic. We had a pretty awesome time climbing through trees and watching mountain bikers do crazy stunts. I also got trashed during lunch off of 2 glasses of wine.
-I destroyed my garden by forgetting to water it.
-I almost moved.
-I started looking for a condo.
-I booked my first Christmas with Dominic's family in freezing cold Buffalo.
-I decided to get rid of a lot of stuff that was just starting to pile up and become junk.
-I gave to Kiva.org (today, actually) and feel pretty darn good about it.
-I ran lots, hiked not enough and only biked a few times.
-I canned blueberries for the first time!
-I went to the smallest music festival ever in Anacortes and had a real relaxing time with Dominic.
-I convinced friends and Dominic to come with me and get midnight massages in the International District.
-I almost shit myself in the middle of a park.
-I used a trainer for the first time and it wasn't as boring as I thought it would be. In fact, I still use his program every day and feel totally different.
-I bet on horsies!
-I had a neighborhood bbq, some impromtu bbqs and one at a friend's house where we basically forced them to have a bbq.
-And I started sleeping in till SEVEN AM, instead of 5.

Summer's weather might've been hohum, but summer itself was pretty rad. Here's hoping Fall will be just as nice.