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Friday, October 30, 2009


After a month of gathering contestants, judges and prizes, yesterday all my planning came together in the epic 1st Annual Pie Competition. There was so many pies that everyone's portions got smaller and smaller throughout the evening. Luckily there was wine involved during pie breaks, because we needed something to chase down the 12 pies that were entered.

We ate a Georgia Peach Pie, a Wild Berry Pie, an APPLE PEANUT BUTTER PIE (aubrey knows me too well), a beef pie, a Warrant (cherry pie) and so many more pies I can't even remember. The ballots were counted thanks to lots of friends and iphones, and the winners were announced. The only hiccup of the evening was when I asked Dominic where the prize bag was - the bag that he put in front of the door so he wouldn't forget, the bag that I asked him twice not to forget - and well, he replied, "I forgot." So he snuck out with Aubrey's husband, made a quick stop to Taco Bell (for Mike's sake) and came back without anyone realizing a thing.

Everyone got prizes, everyone got pie and everyone asked if I was doing this next year.

Total success and yumminess!


Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's pretty hard for me to get bored. I keep myself busy all of the time - to the point where these days I have to purposely rent TV series and Dominic has to make me sit down and enjoy an episode of 30 Rock a few days during the week.

Yet, I'm feeling antsy in other places. Like right now, I'm ready to just keel over in total, effin' boredom. I want to write good things, interesting things, things that people won't change to boring things because boring is the usual and boring is what they do.

Ugh, I'm not making any sense but I'm bored.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everyone but me....

-My good friend just lost her best friend.
-My other friend has the swine flu.
-Someone in my family is at risk of getting laid off.
-Someone else in my family had to foreclose his house - leaving him god knows where.
-And then I get a crying call from another good friend saying I need to call her back. When I did, in a frantic, she couldn't tell me what was so urgent because she was at work. We always end up playing the game of let me ask you a Yes/No question and you'll vaguely tell me what's what. But with 5 minutes to talk I couldn't get any real information.

I'm convinced that either I am the luckiest person ever or there is no such thing as luck and I should just be grateful that none of this is directly happening to me right now. When it comes to this kind of shit where I have to console lots of people, I'm a pretty strong person. I don't let it effect me too much, rather I try to be there for the people I care about as much as I can - or as much as they will let me, considering distance and time is always an issue with me being in Seattle.

Last week I was all, enough is enough. I'm going to my favorite women's spa where I can float around in a hot tub naked and smell peppermint in a steam room without a care in the world. No offense to those who I do care about. But sometimes you just need to get away from all the shit that's happening everywhere else.

And man, those few hours in spa heaven + 2 glasses of wine shortly thereafter were just what the doctor ordered.