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Friday, June 22, 2007

I don't wanna!

I was supposed to work after work today, but then Beer Friday happened and suddenly it's 11 pm and I can't even think.

So with that said I'll tell you a little story about this time I was waiting for the bus to go downtown. I waited while 2 young fellas were dealing drugs and talking about how they almost ODed. Here's what they said:

Coke dealer: Man, I don't even know man. It's like whatever.

Kinda cripped guy: Well, at least you didn't almost OD on the shitter in the hospital.

Coke dealer: What, dude?

Kinda crippled guy: Yeah, so I was in the hospital and they gave me Vicodin, Oxycotin and Methodone and I was on the crapper when I just felt like I was gonna die. So I'm screaming out to the nurses, "I'm dying. I'm dying." And all I was thinking was that I was gonna die on the shitter and it's all this hosptial's fault.

Coke dealer: Totally man.

God, I can't wait for my mom to come and witness shit like this.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The laziest Saturday of all.

It's raining outside. What better way to spend a shitty day and recovering from a hangover by doing the following:

1) Take a bath. Must wash away the drunken night from yesterday. Although the 2 honeydew infused vodka that was turned into martinis at Chapel were to die for and I will be going back for more.

2) Go to the gym. I know that's kinda backwards to take a bath and then go to the gym, but it was mandatory for some reason. I just reaked of cigarettes and alcohol, and knew I couldn't go on the ellipical machine smelling like that.

3) Tried to figure out which Seattle International Film Festival movie I was gonna see.

4) Decided to instead catch Once, because 2 of my friends gave it rave reviews. I too liked it, even if I had no clue what the fuck those Dublinites were saying. The story seemed honest and the songs were good.

5) Make bread! Yes, that's right ladies and gents I'm officially a woman. I can make bread. Well, actually I'm not quite sure yet cause it's currently in the oven right now. I'll let you know how it turns out, but hot damn it was the easiest recipe ever. The reason for this is because it was a no-knead beer bread so there's no rising and putting aside and all that attention you would have to normally give towards making bread. This was just throw a bunch of ingredients together, get your hands a little dirty and toss it in the oven for 50 minutes. Really, I just want my apartment to smell like beer and bread. Yummy!

I also stopped by my favorite little book store and spotted my new favorite knitting book! This will be going on my wish list. Yes, yes it will.


For tonight, I think I'll continue being inside with a movie I got at the library, Clerks II. I'm not convinced this will be as good as people said, but we'll see.

In next week's news: Architecture in Helsinki on Wednesday.

Monday, June 04, 2007

If you've heard it once you've heard it a million times...

My friend, Kelly, was telling me about this site where people write down all the crazy shit they overhear EVERYWHERE. In the office, on the beach. The site is even that specific about it. Overheard in NYC. Overheard in the office. Blah blah blah.

So, after spending half a work day reading all the nonsense people say I was consumed with listening to other people's conversations. I actually do this all the time anyway, if I'm not wearing my ipod. Actually, even when I am wearing my ipod sometimes I'll turn down the music if I notice a good conversation is going on. Especially if there's a bus driver and a bum involved. They give the best talk ever.

Anyway, so I went out for lunch (that's a lie- I just sat there and ate my pbj while my friends ordered crappy tacos from the crappy taco place near work- no thank you) and sat there trying really hard to eavesdrop so I could contribute to the overheard site.

All I heard was probably the most boring conversation ever about what kind of cell service everyone has and if it works for them. This was talked about by 3 guys in striped shirts, so I should've known better. But come on, give me some dirt. Give me, I fucked this girl last night. Or, my probation officer is giving me shit again. Or even maybe a joke about your boss. Nope, for 5 whole minutes, while I waited outside for my taco getting friends, these 3 bores had the most useless conversation I ever had to endure.

Ugh, this blog blows. I should've talked about camping and how awesome it was. I should've showed you pictures of the fox we encountered on Mount Rainier and how this fox actually had something in its mouth and how we got scared and ran like little girls. I should've told you about how I got trashed on Friday night in the woods because some guys came by and gave us tequila. I should've told you how we went on one trail covered in snow, another trail in the middle of the woods with beautiful views and another trail half covered in snow half in the woods half along a glacier river, in which we had to cross via a log that was basically covered by the rushing icy river! Then I should've told you how I wish I could go camping every weekend because I just love it so. It was great! It was awesome! There was fire! And smores! And trees!

I should've also told you that we then hit a taco truck on the way home. And that was good too!

Coming up on next week's blog: Maya and Steve's wedding = Awesome/Is it september yet!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm still not quite back.

Today at 3ish I'm sneaking out to go to Mount Rainier. To do what you ask? Camping. That's what, bitches!

Of course it started with a big group and dwindled down to just the knitting crew. But that's the way it should be anyway, right? If anything, it's easier because no one has cars anymore.

Besides that, I played tennis yesterday. Well, playing should be the main word here because I haven't actually hit a ball in about 15 years. I remember my parents would sign me up for all these random sport-like activities and I'd go for a few lessons and immediately be bored. I think I had about 3 tennis lessons before I asked my mom to get me out of it. I didn't really want to learn. I just wanted to naturally know how to do it. And unless you're just naturally awesome, you never just naturally know how to do anything. Thus, the only sport I participated in was softball. Even then, I only played for a year and in the right outfield area, just picking grass. Yep, yep yep. That was me.

The only thing I enjoyed doing was watching my friends play. My friend, Jen, played tennis in high school and I used to watch her play. Really, I think I just liked sitting out in the sun and daydream about my latest crush, but isn't that what you're supposed to do at these sporting activities anyway??

So yesterday, I went and played and it was so horrible it was actually pretty funny. We, of course, got better over the hour or so we played. And the reason we had to cut it kinda short was because another group came in and we knew we'd hit them if we kept playing since we were taking up two courts and even outside the fence.

The hope that I will get better will bring me back next week. Or the hope that I'll actually be able to hit my friend directly in the balls. That would be good too. Well, not for him of course. But it would be funny nonetheless.