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Monday, August 27, 2007

WebMD me

So, I've been really tired lately. Not just a nap here and there. I mean I can sleep the entire weekend away.

I looked up what this could mean on WebMD, cause that's what you do at work, right? Well, of course it comes up with all these stupid things like Depression and BiPolar and Tired Buttitis. But in my heart, I know this can't be right. If anything, I'd say it's the opposite. But I just feel so drained sometimes and it's just not right. Right?

My diet hasn't changed too much. I have gotten a little lazier when it comes to cooking, and notice I've had cereal for dinner way too many times this month. But I try to have meat or chicken at least a few times a week. I take like 5 vitamins a day (including iron), so I can't be lacking in Iron and if I am, well fuck this shit. I can't take any more supplements. I rather just die.

And activity? Fuck, if you know me then you know I'm practically crazy about doing activities. I need to hike or swim or run or do something every day to feel right, so it's not that either.

I know everyone including my mother loves to give advice when it comes to this shit. How many times will someone tell you to get some rest and drink warm things when you're sick? But that doesn't keep them from spouting out their cure for whatever it is that's bothering you. Thus, I ask for help or recommendations. I've even considered coffee (GASP!) as a total last result, but came up with the conclusion that that shit won't do me any good. I'm already crazy enough...

Friday, August 24, 2007

What the fuck did anyone do before the internet anyway?

Isn't it weird? That before computers, before the internet, people probably worked and stuff.

If you work at a place like I do, and you don't have much to do on some rare days you can totally waste a 9-5 looking at random crap on the internet.

You can look up what a Rusty Trombone is on wikipedia.

You can find out that there's a chick who actually critiques cupcakes all over the world.

You can watch crappy youtube videos till your heart's content.

You can read blogs about people you'll most likely never meet.

You can find just about anyone on myspace.

You can read emails you forgot to read when you were too busy working. Emails that were about 5 months old.

Seriously, what did people do before all this technology? Did they talk to eachother face to face? Did they actually write things down on paper? Did they play music on boom boxes? Did they use stamps? I want to meet these people. They must have smoked a lot of cigarettes.

But as much as I hate people with their Sidekicks at bars, or people who text during dinner, I have to admit I love that I live in a world where the Internet can easily fill my day with useless shit.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh snap. Where did I go?

Hello all!

I have nothing to report.

Wait, I went to the opera yesterday.

Did you know that there are handy subtitles above the stage? This is good because I don't know German.

I was supposed to blog about a lot of things. About how I'm seeing this guy (who took me to the opera). About how my old boss just quit (wah wah). About how I went camping. About how...oh fuck it. Let's get on with what I wanted to blog about ages ago.

My mom came to visit back in July. It was great fun. The summer here hasn't been as nice as last year's, but for some reason that week she came was perfect. Sunny skies every day. Comfortable 78 degree weather. Seriously just perfect.

The really amazing part was when we showed up to the whale watching boat, and they didn't have our reservation written down even though I called, gave my name and my credit card to someone - thus, we had to reschedule for the next day. Obviously this would upset anyone what with identity theft and all. But we made a deal that we'd go for free the next day and all was right with the world.

What was actually quite great about this is that my dad wasn't there during this minor hiccup. Because if he was, the whole whale watching situation would have been so much messier. There would have been screaming and probably threats of suing and shutting down businesses and oh god. It would've ruined the day, if not the rest of the vacation. We'd have to go to certain restaurants that didn't have crowds. We'd have to play by his rules and be very accomodating just so he wouldn't blow up for whatever lameo reason.

I only say this, because I know it to be true. Because it's happened every time we've ever gone on vacation with him.

But this time was different. This time was good. This time my mom was happy. Probably the happiest I've seen her. And if anything, I hope this encourages her to have more fun. More trips. More good times.

Because she deserves it.