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Friday, July 31, 2009

Question #123249324

Why is it when people see a baby they have to touch it, gawk at it, make stupid faces or simply say, "Awww a baby"? It's like they've never seen these tiny mutants before. It's like they've just seen an alien and all they want to do is make it laugh. If I were a baby I'd hate these people. Why are you touching me weird stranger on the bus? Did I ask you to touch me? Do we have a relationship with one another? Are you my grandma? Listen, if I want you to touch me or stare at me or ask my owner all about me, I'll make a face that says, "Come here weird stranger person. Let's get to know one another." But when I have a look that says, "Ugh. It's morning. My owner just woke me up and now I'm on this bus and I just want to go back to sleep." Then you should not come near me. You should not stick out your hand like you have a treat expecting me to do something, as if I were a dog. You definitely shouldn't ask my owner 10,000 questions about my existence because most likely he's just as crabby as me right now.

What I'm trying to say is - if you're a tourist who talks a lot and really, really, really, really loves babies and can't hold her shit around them then please let me, the adult who just wants to ride in peace and read her book, know that you're a total nutjob baby-lover so I can sit as far away from you as possible.

Rant over. I'm gonna have an awesome weekend filled with beaches, air shows, facials, crafts, bike rides and no babies.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Did you know...

-I discovered blueberries in my front yard. I eat some every day!
-It's record temperature hot in Seattle. I've been planning my week around going to pools and movie theaters.
-A lady at my gym just LOVES Bath and Body Works Vanilla lotion. I want to kill this lady.
-Osage oranges apparently keep spiders away. I kinda enjoy spiders because they keep the bugs away, but since Dominic is getting bitten every 10 minutes we had to google search a safe way to keep them away from his over-heated body.
-I might buy a shoe that looks like a glove. Seriously guys, there are individual toe placements in this shoe.
-I'm reading a book called, Everything I Want to Do is Illegal, and it's making me really excited/scared about farming next year. The more I realize how many hoops these poor farmers have to go through, the more I think that this apprenticeship will be just that. This is perfectly okay with me, since that was my original intention. But I just wish there was a better way for them, ya know?
-I am planning another bike ride this weekend. Cross your fingers!
-My foot is all better. I, of course, immediately ran this morning and I'm still all better!!
-Every time I drink Talking Rain, which is free thanks to work, I hiccup. I should probably switch to plain water, but I kinda like the tangy flavor, while not adding anything at all to the water. These things make my day.
-I want to see 500 Days of Summer, Paper Heart, Funny People and Time Traveler's Wife. I'm very hesitant about the last movie because the book was one of the best I've ever read. I know the movie won't live up, but I'm a sucker so I'll have to see it with my girlfriends and then rant about it sucking shortly thereafter. I'm also realizing that these are all chick flicks, but after seeing Food, Inc, I think I'm entitled to something silly and lovey dovey.
-I'm having a pretty great summer. I wish it would go on and on and on.
-I also wish I had 4 day weekends.
-And that I could buy enough land right in the middle of Seattle, so that if I did want a farm, I could stay put.
-I'm knitting more and more these days. It's practically the only thing I'll sit down for. That, and Tori and Dean's reality show.
-Besides that show, I just don't care about TV. It simply requires too much attention for me these days and 90% of the time whatever is on is totally worthless.
-I'm still 30 and I still don't really feel like it.
-I had stitches surrounding my toe when I was a kid.
-I need a cast that I hated when I was a kid.
-I remember exactly when I got the traveling bug. And sorry Mom, it wasn't the countless trips to Disney World. It was actually when I went to visit my friend Shari from camp. I saved up my own money in high school to spend a week in a suburb. We had the best time, just laughing and hanging out with her friends. I got to explore Manhattan as an older person (I had been before when I was young) and it totally scared me, but in an exciting way. We saw The David Letterman show and had some special VIPness thanks to her parents. It went so famously that I remember realizing that this traveling stuff was pretty awesome and that I should keep doing it. I haven't looked back since.
-I probably wrote too many things.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Please don't tell me to rest.

This weekend was action-packed, mixed in with scorching degrees of sun! I went on the longest bike ride I've ever attempted (18 miles) and I'm still alive to write about it. I biked this distance mostly because I went with Dominic and our friend, Shaun - who acted as our mapquest and mainly because we didn't go near the scary roads with super scary cars. You see, this is the only reason I won't get seriously into biking. I actually quite enjoy it. I like that I can get to a friend's house in 5 minutes rather than 35 walking minutes and plus, it's just fun! But frankly, I'm just too scared of the roads. I've seen too many accidents and recently there have been these blowdart incidents that have me just shaking my head in disbelief. Who wants to harm bikers? I just don't get it. But if I had a bike for around the neighborhood and to just go on trails (the trail we went on takes you all around Seattle basically - for those in the know, we obviously went on the Burke Gilman). And even though there was a 100-mile race going on, I didn't feel like I was in anyone's way and I got to see the city without any exhaust fumes or from the shell of a bus. Plus, even though it was 87 degrees you wouldn't know it as the wind hits you on a bike. It's so freeing!

But yesterday I did something foolish. I'm training for a 10k. I've ran this race before, so I decided to take the training up a notch. This means I'm running every day, with just one day of rest - which is normally very fine with me. I'm pretty darn active and even on my rest days I'm almost always doing yoga, gardening, walking around parks, hiking or swimming. I can't help that we live in a city that grants me these wonderful activities. I can't be bothered with TV anymore and it's too hot to read inside. So on Sunday, instead of my normal route I decided to trail run instead. I've read that trail running is much harder but since I was doing half my normal route I thought I'd be okay. Of course, just an hour later I was limping and icing my foot until I fell asleep - still in pain.

This morning, I couldn't go to the gym. I just knew better. Even though I felt okay in my sneakers, I was still limping ever so slightly. If you're not a runner, you might not understand. But even one day of not training feels like a loss, and this frustrates me to no end! Now I'm missing a day of training! Now I can't do my usual routine! Now I have to go home and quietly do yoga and abs, because Dominic passed out on the couch. So I'm doing my Hatha breathing very quietly (which is impossible to do). Right now, I'm at work with ice still on my foot so that by tomorrow I can pick my feet up again and run, run, run. And tonight, since it's too hot to go inside, Dominic and I are finding a pool so we can enjoy the heat in nice, cool water AND so I can make up for my stupid foot not letting me run today.

It's crazy to think in high school I couldn't even walk the mile to school. I was simply too lazy and didn't have energy because I hadn't eaten breakfast, because I was watching TV for 5 hours after class, because I was smoking pot and not doing any extracurricular activities. I was sleeping 12 hours a night and I was bored.

Now, I couldn't even define bored.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

T-minus Kelly!

My good friend Kelly is coming for a visit. She's never been to Seattle before and even took a few days off of work to leave Detroit for a mini vacation. I'm so happy she's coming and I hope I don't annoy the shit out of her by the time she leaves.

In preparation of her arrival, I've been trying to really finish the house. Sure, all the stuff is hanging (except a pot rack) and things are in place, but it's the little things that only I care about - shit like installing a light fixture above our bed so we can stop staring at wires. You see, our landlord didn't quite finish everything in the house. We were blinded by the awesome clawfoot tub and the fancy kitchen that we didn't realize the knobs on all the cabinets don't quite fit and that every single outlet is in the middle of the wall, instead of on the bottom where they should be. The landlord's husband is even a contractor/electrician/handyman. None of the windows are done and there aren't even doors on the closets. I don't quite get how a contractor or home owner would allow this, especially when they used to live there for EIGHT YEARS.

But honestly, it's a great house. These are just tiny things that we'll keep in mind if/when we actually buy a place one day. We will make sure that the front door has a peep hole, that the house is leveled and that the light switches actually work for switching things on and off.

So yesterday, we installed the light in our bedroom so that guests, like Kelly, could have the lamp we were currently using in our room. The problem was the wires to install the light were waaaay up above the bed, and well, we are both of medium height. We could reach the wires, but not completely. It was a battle of, "ok, i'll hold this while you reach that and ooh, my arm is going numb and hey, can you see if i'm screwing that in right? oh right, you can't see anything because my arm is in your face." I actually kinda enjoyed this little back and forth. We didn't fight at all. We worked as a team. Sure, we both huffed and puffed, and at one point I tried to add more height with our breakfast tray that almost broke when I stepped on it. But in the end, we made light happen! We're officially Team Electrician. And we work for hire!

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