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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm doing lots.

I love the week before Christmas. It means less work and more time to do things like:

-make my holiday gifts for friends and family
-make the wrapping paper for my holiday gifts for the friends and family
-make hot chocolate, courtesy of williams sonoma, courtesy of someone unbeknownst to me who planted it in the office kitchen
-adding a marshallow to that hot chocolate and making it probably the best damn hot chocolate ever in the world of hot chocoates- seriously delicious
-get all errands done. since i've been so damn busy the last month i haven't had time to do anything. the last few days i've ordered about 100 books/dvds/cds from the library and read about 20 emails. it's a slow process but i only have 65 emails to go through now!
-take every precaution known to man so i don't get sick. everyone at work is sick, and instead of using up a sick day they come here infesting everything. it honestly grosses me out, to the point that i might not come in tomorrow because every single person around me is either coughing or sneezing. i rather hang out with a bum all day then be sneezed on from 9 to 5. so far i have been so good. washing hands, drinking lots of oj and tea and water, taking echineachea and airborne and trying to get 8 hours of sleep. these people here who are already sick are taking airborne like it's crack, when they don't understand that things like that (and echineachea) are things you take to prevent getting sick. they don't make the sick go away. just proves my point that people are stupid.
-watch no tv and only listen to KEXP (in case you don't live in Seattle, you should stream kexp because it's great! kexp.org is where you need to go! GO!)

So, there you have it. I'll be in the S. Florida area for a week starting Saturday. It'll be the first time visiting since last year's nightmare. Should be interesting...But I can't wait to see my Mom all on her own!


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Aren't ex boyfriends the best?

Yesterday, I was called at work - not from a CD or Account Person or Boss or Art Director - but instead from the mailroom. I had a package waiting for me.

A big package.

From Mike. My ex boyfriend...

Girls immediately surrounded my cube. If you can call it a cube. Really it's a makeshift desk, with this plastic barrier that prevents dogs from getting too close otherwise they'll get shocked. Anyway, I opened the big package and the girls helped me take out all the popcorn stuffing because they were just as excited as I was to see what this mystery package was.

But before I opened it, I knew it was my dream come true.


I didn't know whether to leave the pile of work I had on my desk so I could start making skirts and pillows, or if I should cry because my ex boyfriend is so fucking thoughtful that he bought me the nicest gift ever on a holiday I haven't celebrated in years.

Instead I just called him to say thanks.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Oh, I totally forgot to mention that if anyone is in the gift giving mood, that out of all the gifts I've listed before, this is what I'd actually really truly want.


Size small please.

Now, onto more pressing news. Friday and Saturday were a blast! You'd think seeing the same band twice would be boring by the second time, but it totally wasn't. Junior Boys were good to. And I also got to hear more of The Long Ranger. And of course Ghostland Observatory basically rocked it out. The floor actually bounced.

But the real news of the evening was when I was walking home on Saturday. It was 1am, when I noticed 3 kids sitting on top of one of the statues in the park. At first I was thinking, strange. It's 1 am. Do you know where your kids are? But then again, I was young too. I remember doing nothing at 1 am all the time. But, as I walked past them, one kid, who looked about 10 (which is actually too young to be out at 1am in my opinion) asked me, "Wanna give me a blow job for a dollar?"

I was shocked. First off, a dollar? Who does this 10 year old think I am? Even hookers, who are pros at that kind of stuff, get more than a dollar. Second off, what if I said yes. There are a lot of crazies walking around that park late at night. I could've easily said, "Sure, I need a dollar. That makes me that much closer to the 6 pack I've been eyeing at QFC." What then? Would the kids really do it? I think not. My last point is, yuck. It made me sick that a 10 year old even knew what a blow job was. When I was 10 I was still collecting Garbage Pail Kids and riding my bike in circles until I past out with my nightlight at around 10:30. Then again, I was a dork who liked puzzles - not a cool person who offered tricks for dollar. I guess that makes me different or something.


Friday, December 08, 2006


Hey guys. It's been a busy few weeks. And really I'm not stopping. Luckily, I get out of here today at 3 so I can prepare myself for seeing Ghostland Observatory TWICE FOR FREE this weekend.

I've officially put my car on craigslist. If you know anyone in the Seattle area that wants a pretty awesome car, check it:


Oh, and we sold the KEXP campaign! Stay tuned for a whole bunch of stuff! Not just a website folks. I can do more. Much, much more.

Plus, I got a call from the ex ex boyfriend this week. Kinda weird. We talked for an hour. It was ummm, interesting. And no, neither of us want to get back together. That is a very big definite. It was just a friendly catch up. That was all.

My mom moved into her condo and that's exciting.

And yeahhhh, that's it. I'm a lame blogger with nothing to say and it's 2:45 which means I need to catch a bus.

Friday, December 01, 2006

So, you wanna give me gifts?

Okay, really I don't celebrate any holidays. If anything, I give my sister some tie dyed hand me down, and I'll end up getting my mom something for her new condo, but that's because I want to help her out not because it's December and there are lights fucking everywhere.

I can't even spell Hanukkah, let alone remember the last time I lit the candles for each night. Usually, I do it once and then forget to do it the next 7 days. Or I'm just too lazy to buy candles in the first place. I'm not a bad jew. I'm just eh when it comes to celebrating anything jewish without my grandma alive to make me potato laktes.

But, I love receiving gifts. Really, who doesn't? So, with that shit said, here are the things I'd love to get. Not even really to get from other people. Just things I want in general. Last year I wanted an ipod and bought it for myself. I also wanted Harold and Maude, and my mom ended up buying it for me. I think everyone needs a list like this. It's fun and it beats getting gift cards to places I never go to, like Home Depot or Starbucks.

1. A gift card to Pitaya.

2. A gift card to Anthropologie.

3. A gift card to Aprie.

4. A gift card to Club Monaco.
All these are clothing stores I love, and yet end up at a thrift store because I rather spend $5 on a shirt than $30.

4. A gift card to ElliotBayBookCompany. That way I can maybe own some nice hardcover books instead of always going to the library.

5. One of these donut paintings. Because I like hanging these on walls.

6. Any notebook from ExLibrisAnonymous. For some reason this won’t open for me, but they are the cute notebooks made out of old books. I’m sure I can make them, but why spend the time when they’re only $10.

7. And if you’re still not quite sure what I want, then anything from my wish list at Amazon would suffice. Just type in my yahoo email address on the right hand side of where it says, “Find someone’s Wish List” (for some reason when you type in my name, it doesn’t work) and you’ll find all the knitting shit I desire.

As for the meeting today, it went superb. I just got back from lunch (it’s like 4) and now I’m ready to go to sleep till tomorrow. Urban Craft Uprising here I come!!!