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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Comments? Concerns? Cacapoopeepants?

-Why do people cough on the bus and then immediately put their hand back on the railing? They must realize how gross that is, right?

-Why do birds poop in the same spot so that it leaves just one big poop area on the ground? Is that their home? Is there some good crumbs up on that ledge?

-Why do people tell you how to cure a cold, like they are a doctor of colds and like you are some dumbass who has never had one before?

-Why is it when you are so happy, someone usually comes in and shits on you?

-Why are customer service people the dumbest humans on earth? Are they this dumb outside of work? Are they really patient people?

-Why is it that you can yell at those you love, but not at those you hate?

-Why are there so many shitty movies, books, music that gets produced? And who are the people that see/read/buy them?

-Why can't you go in and out of a concert? They've invented the computer. I'm sure they can invent technology that enables you to reenter a venue.

-Why do movie theaters not allow you (me) to bring in my tasty fro-yo? I know it's because they want me to buy their crappy popcorn, but why should I be forced to when what I want is fro-yo and they don't offer that?

-Why is a one scoop of ice cream different everywhere you go? This is not the case for coffee cups or fries, so why stop with the scoop? I am always surprised as to how much ice cream I'm going to get.

-Why don't they teach kids about credit cards or saving up for the future? They should. It should be a required class in college and high school.

-Why is it that the most religious people always seem to be the most fucked up? Every time a non religious person is on the news, do really religious people think it's because we don't believe as much as they do?

-Why are so many people allergic to things these days? That's weird, right?

-Why did so many people like Borat? It wasn't THAT funny.

-Why is it that some people can never make up their fucking mind without someone else's opinion? This is probably the most frustrating quality I find in a person. It shows you have absolutely no confidence in your own choices. Or are too lazy to decide on anything.

-Why haven't the US caught on to the Europeans way of taking vacations? They get 5 weeks a year. Do Americans think this is wrong? I don't. And I don't know anyone around me who would hate 5 weeks of not going to work.

-Why have people decided texting is a way to communicate? It is not. I promise you.

-Why do people get mad when you don't accept their friendship right away on Twitter/MySpace/Facebook/Linkedin? Especially since you haven't talked to them in years.

-Why, oh why, can't I stop asking questions? I don't have an answer to this one. But I'll stop so you can go back to work.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Big Idea

I know I come up with ridiculous ideas, like opening a vintage furniture coffee yarn store, or writing a graphic novel with no illustrator to help me. But this idea is sticking and I swear to Peanut Butter and Husky’s Ice Cream that it will. Why? Because like these other ideas, this has been a dream of mine. But unlike the other ideas, I have an actual plan!

And here it goes.

I’m paying off ALL my loans (which, as of right now is down to about $33,000 give or take a few grand, and while that might not seem like much or seems like a lot, to me it’s $44,000 less than I had 5 years ago).

I’m paying off ALL my loans in 5 years time.

I’m paying off ALL my loans by adding an additional $400-500 a month on those 2 loans (that I can’t consolidate since they are private loans). And making sure that this money only applies to the principal (for anyone who is paying off loans, I hope you know that this step is the most important one, otherwise you will be paying these people UNTIL YOU DIE).

And then, when I’m all done, I’m doing this for about half of a year.

I haven’t decided quite where yet, but I figure I have time to think about that. At first, I thought the simpliest option would be right here in Washington, but then I got into crazy mode and started looking into Hawaii and Australia.

So, why would I have to pay off my loans to do this one little dream? Well, because this apprenticeship doesn’t pay. Or it does in some places, but about $400 a month. I’d have a place to live for free and as much fresh food I can take so I'm not worried about that. But I’d have no money coming in, and I’d probably be using some of my savings. So I need to pay off those loans, you see. It's apart of the plan. The only downside would be if I had kids. That would just fuck everything up. So, cross your fingers the Nuva Ring stays put!

Now, that it’s on the internettingwebcycleoflife, I feel as if this is a contract to myself to really, truly commit to this plan.

Like I told Dominic yesterday, as much as I’d like to have my very own farm one day, I know I won’t really do it. I like vacations too much. I like randomly taking a day off of work and going to the movies. And when you have a farm you just can’t do these things (believe me, I’ve done my research). But, this apprenticeship isn’t really about that for me. It’s about learning something new, experiencing something different and doing something I’ve always wanted to do but in a much smaller scale. A scale I can handle so I can still go to Europe every year.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Things I've learned while camping.

1) It is always nice.
2) Going with a group of friends you like is important.
3) Games are fun, especially when drinking in the woods.
4) If you can go tubing, then you should go tubing. That day will be the best one.
5) Always have one car go about 5 hours before you leave work. This will assure you a great spot, away from kids and dogs.
6) Go for the entire weekend. It's okay that you don't shower or wash your face. You'll be that much more excited to take a bath when you get home.
7) Don't bring everything in your house. Seriously. I can eat on pbj for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This crowd was a little bit more high brow. I kinda prefer my way just so you're not always taking things in and out of a car, but to each their own. I won't complain if someone wants to spend an hour making me Mexican Grits. No siree.
8) Bugs will happen. Just be one with it.
9) Always bring more blankets.
10) Fire is mesmerizing, no matter how many times you let someone else build one.

I've always loved camping. I think because I don't care about things like bathrooms or tv or constant stimulation. As much as I do things, I also like to do nothing. If I was a little bit more ballsy and owned a car, I'd go more often on my own. But I'm working up to that. For now, I'll keep going with friends because, well, they provide the transportation, the food and the good times.

Until next time!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where in the world is Barrie San Diego?

I'm right here. I promise. I've just been busy again. And I'm still busy. I'm eating and working, all while blogging. But I thought I'd do a little recap of my life. And here it goes.

While pureeing soup, my blender broke. I have a 3 year warranty that means absolutely nothing because I can't find the serial code. Because it's not there. Dominic and I both checked.

I'm knitting some secret gift projects. As usual, these projects will take me about a year to do.

I quit freelancing, and started a full-time job! No more Cobra!!!

The dude who harassed me at my last full-time job was fired the other day.

I saw Dark Knight, and really liked Heath Ledger even though I never thought he was a great actor. I did think the movie was too long and had poor editing. And I think Maggie Glynnehal looks tired.

I've been hiking more and more and thought about joining a hiking club, but I'll wait on that till next year.

I'm camping again this weekend. And tubing! And hiking! Oh, I wish it was Friday already.

I finally watched Full Metal Jacket, and thought it was an hour too long.

It's taking me too long to read this stupid Candace Bushnell book. She's a shit writer.

I'm listening to The Raincoats, Electrelane and Rat-A-Tat on repeat.

I'm watching the Olympics when I have the time, but for awhile thought the only sport in the Olympics was swimming. Now it's running.

I attempted to bake cookies. And they weren't amazing or anything, but they were edible and pretty good.

I wish I had a bigger kitchen.

I started buying kitchen items, like a roller. I'm convinced this is the only reason to get married.

My mutual funds are still taking a nose dive.

And I'm hoping August gets a little sunnier, as this week it started to rain.

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Just waiting for Dominic to pick me up.

Had my last coffee beverage at my coffee freelance job. Check.

Saw Wall-E, seeing Dark Knight tonight. Check. Check.

Kinda buzzing from that coffee drink, probably my last from this company. CHEEEEEECK.

Annoyed by the chick at the gym who took 20 minutes to prepare to run on the treadmill, and then only ran a total of 5 minutes. Check.

Still waiting for Dominic to pick me up so I can start my staycation. CHECK.

Not really loving any of the designers on the newest Project Runway, especially the douche who refers to himself in third person so he can be the "odd" one who gets more air time. Check.

Enjoying Vegetable, Animal, Miracle much more than The Food Dilemna (that's not the correct name, but I just didn't care for the book, hence why I'm forgetting the book title). Check.

So happy that next week, I'll be at my new job, where I can install my new hydroponics gift my Mom got me. And install the other one that was accidentally sent to me a few days ago at Dominic's place (if he agrees when I get around to asking him). Check.

Buying grown up clothes for under $50 at Anthropologie. Check. and Check.

Going on a hike this weekend to my favorite place and then eating tacos at my favorite bus. Check!

Trying to figure out what my pattern means on the Melody Shawl I'm knitting. Check.

Excited about the FREE mani/pedi I get to have as my prize for entering some contest. Check!

Leaving because Dominic just called and he's downstairs and I get to leave! CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!