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Monday, October 31, 2005

Did I mention that my roommate is a girl?

I already told you about my weekend, so I don't need to go into that again. But what I do need to tell you is that Steve, my roommate/Maya's boyfriend, is a girl. Okay, not really. I mean, I'm pretty sure he has a penis and stuff, but the defining moment that I knew he actually had a vag was when we were watching Extreme Home Makeover last night. After Ty screamed in that fucking blowhorn, some Sears commercial came on and I looked over at Steve AND HE WAS CRYING. Now, I'm sure he might not be too happy that I'm writing this on a blog for all to read. And considering he's been oohing and ahhing after a bad bike fall, I should probably give him some slack, but I won't because it's funny. He also cried during a very cute scene in Love Actually. But he redeemed himself because at 8:30 he just HAD to watch football. I gave him back his balls, and went to my room so I could watch Grey's Anatomy, wherein I couldn't stop crying. I mean how horribly good is that show?!

Okay, enough about crying. There's work to be done. I've already been interrupted 15 times and it's not even 10 am yet.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Today, I'm at work. And it's a Sunday.

Of course I have a silly face.
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It's Sunday. Yesterday I was drunk and tired. The day before that I was drunk and tired. The day before that, I think you know where I'm going here. But today.. Well, today I get to work and be tired. I don't actually mind coming to work on a Sunday. I spent most of the day outside, with Nicole, shopping and just appreciating the glorious weekend we've been having. But right now it's 6 or 7 depending on what clock is right, and I'm starting to fall asleep here folks. So, with that said- here are a few highlights of the weekend because right now I'm just trying to waste time while I wait for a really fun meeting.

-I saw a free concert. The band was good. But for the life of me I can't remember their name. That's how out of it I was from the previous party.

-I ended up at Bosco on Friday. A place I haven't been to in about a year. It's still as cheesy as it was before. But after doing a shot of a buttery nipple and then someone hands you a cranberry vodka and then a redbull and vodka, you seem to forget about said cheesiness.

-I took pictures of trees in the woods! Oh, glorious fall stricken trees. You don't get such colors in Florida. It's green all year round. And I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing yet. It's just different.

-I went to yet another concert. This one I remember. Spoon! Go see them. They rock. Even though, I was extremely tired, I was still shaking my ass with the best of them.

-And then I gambled. But only lost 15 dollars. I would've won if I was playing blackjack, but I wasn't playing that so there you go.

-Fuck, I can't think of anymore memories. I know I had some. Somewhere?

Great. Now I'm bored again. No one's online to fuck with and Channel101.com hasn't updated their newest episodes. I might just die here folks. If there's no blog tomorrow, it means I've taken the day off to sleep.

P.S. Is it gross that I haven't taken a shower today and I probably still have crusties in my eyes and my hair is all crazy like?

Friday, October 28, 2005

Fuzzy night leads to me dancing.

Oh yesterday. What fun! If there was one thing I enjoyed about Job A, it was some of the people I worked with. And I saw all the ones I liked yesterday. Some I haven't seen in 3 months, and boy once you mix some beer and pizza in my belly there's fun to be had! I think I hugged Leo every 5 seconds, and I'M NOT A HUGGER! Then, someone handed me a free ticket to see Social Scene somethingerother. So the fun kept going till 11, which was weird cause it felt like at least 3. But I guess that happens when you start partying at 6. Then I just had to listen to my new totally awesome Kayne West cd on the way home and felt a second wind coming. WHY DIDN'T I HAVE THIS CD AGES AGO! It's so freakin' awesome. I love it so. You people should've seen me. I was dancing on the couch in the porch and made Steve blast Kayne real loud. God, Kayne is a genius. He makes me want to go clubbin'. And I don't go clubbin'.

God, this blog sucks today. But there are too many substances still in me to actually write well today.

Have a Happy Halloween. And to the Michiganders, A Merry Devil's Night to you. Whatever the fuck that means.

P.S. In a few short hours there will be hundreds of kids roaming around at the office, and I'm petrified. Damn scary kids. My ovaries don't like your kind!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Things I can't control when I don't have my headphones at the gym.

1. I can't hear Drew and Mike in the morning.

2. Instead I have to hear the old guy's boombox filled with really horrible covers of We Are The Champion and the like.

3. Then I have to talk to said old guy about the book I'm reading. Blah blah, yeah interesting book, blah blah. Can I just do my weights and just be old man!!

4. I have to hear the man who grunts like he's having a woman type orgasm. Believe me, you don't want to be here when this guy is here. It's quite disturbing. I wish someone would tell him that he shouldn't breathe while working out. It's just so damn embarrassing. I pity the fool.

5. I also have to hear old men grunt like they are having babies because they are lifting like they mean it. Like they are gonna die tomorrow so if they don't lift 50 lbs more than they should then they won't look all tough and old and shit. Eee Eee Ooo Ooo Eee Ooo.

Those headphones were like my security blanket. No one fucked with me when I had headphones. It's like I didn't exist. And at the gym, that's exactly how I want to feel. I don't want to talk to people, or wait for people or even fake smile at people. I just want to get sweaty and leave. Damn you headphones. Damn you to hell! I will replace you at CVS tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I gave up looking for pictures.

You know when you see something and it makes you instantly want to vomit all over the place and/or cry uncontrollably in your oversized office that has too many chairs and no windows? Well, I just had that feeling. Maya, I wish you were here so I could cry and cry and you wouldn't judge me, but we'd just knit and I'd just cry and maybe even smoke cigarettes. Oh, the crying!

You also know when you eat a free bagel at work and then you spend the next hour wondering if there's bits of bagel and cream cheese stuck in your teeth and that when you talk to people you wonder if they are just being polite and not saying anything or they are secretly laughing at you on the inside. I'm having that moment too.

AND you also know the feeling when you have a lot of work to do. I mean, a lot. But you don't have the energy to ever do anything until after you eat the free sushi from downstairs and then go to Plato's Closet because you need a new pair of jeans because all of your jeans/pants are falling off because you are getting too skinny. Yep, I'm feeling it.

This week is no good. I must be getting my period. But, at least I'm getting it now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The alien is leaving Warren.

Leo is going to The Richards Group! In Texas! And for those who have no idea what I'm talking about, this is actually a good advertising agency. And it's not in Michigan! And it has nothing to do with the automotive industry! And that is just fabulous!

He was my first partner at Job A and although we were not a match made, and Nicole (his girlfriend) ended up being my partner, we still had some good times. And with that said, here are some things I'll remember about good ol' Leonardo.

1. God vs. Client. God is going down! (I'd say who the client we worked for was, but honestly being reminded of Job A is starting to make me a little vomiteous.)

2. He's really good at keeping me up to date with anything on the internet. Almost too good. If I don't get a clipping from the BBC from him at least once a week I get worried that he might not be alive.

3. HE WOULD WORK EVERY DAY UNTIL 2 AM! And would do this without complaining, even though what we worked on was pure crap and that every good idea we had we knew would never amount to anything. I once photoshopped an award because he worked till 4 am for no reason. I don't think he does this now. I think he knows better.

4. He owns probably every single movie and cd in the whole entire world. Really. All of them. And he'll let you borrow anything you want, cause he's a nice guy like that.

5. For a creative person, he has the most impeccable cube I've ever seen. Even his posters are lined up perfectly. And I swear he dusts. I really wanted to turn everything upside down when he was gone on a shoot, but Nicole stopped me. Instead, we'd play April Fools Jokes by making it impossible to enter our cubes with really heavy, useless advertising books. Oh, it was funny.

6. He tucks in his t-shirts. He's the only person I know that does this. But if he didn't, he wouldn't be Leo.

7. If I ever wanted to get into a heated debate about anything, I know I can turn to him because he's all smart and stuff. Oh, and he's an alien. And from his country, you can pay to have sex in car ports.

We will surely get trashed on Thursday. I hope all your advertising endeavors are filled with Pencils (Pencils = Oscar) and late nights thinking up ideas whilst wearing a cowboy hat.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Speedy blog.

I didn't think I'd have time to blog today, but I have a few minutes so I'll make this short and maybe even sweet.

1. The halloween costume was a success. And even though I was wearing the shortest skirt ever, I wasn't that cold. Bands setting motorcycles on fire, free beer and lots of people in crazy costumes helped. I think I might have one picture. I'll show it if I can get it.

2. My parents survived Hurricane Wilma. Their back yard is completely gone, my grandmother's old room is flooded and some tiles were torn off the roof. But besides that their cats are alive, and that's all that matters. BUT one man did happen to die while walking outside and a tree then fell on him. He happened to be from my hometown. I'm not sure who he is yet, or where this guy lived in Coral Springs, but I hope it's not someone I know.

Oh, and my sister's place did much better. But her car did not. A tree fell on it.

3. WORK!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

It's cold and I've got holes.

Holes everywhere!
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So, there's epidemic. No, not the damn bird flu. It's something worse. Much, much worse.

There's holes in all my sweaters!

I discovered it last week in a vintage sweater I own. I just thought that maybe it was old or something, but then today I put on my Banana Republic oh so cute sweater, and lo and fucking behold there's two holes right in the middle. I'm wearing it right now, because I don't care. Fuck you holes! You're not gonna bring me down. I'm gonna cover you with thread and shit so no one can tell!

But how did they get there? Is this all apart of that evil winter shit I'm not accustomed to? I don't remember there being moths in my closet? All my tank tops seem fine. Why lord? WHY???

In other news, I'm gonna be a catholic school girl for Halloween. You probably won't see pictures because I'll be too embarrassed. And also very drunk.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh, you silly advertising.

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First things first. Is anyone else extremely disappointed that Lost won't be on for the next 3 weeks? I can't wait 3 weeks! That's like waving a bone in front of a dog and not giving it up until it's all soggy and stale. The torture. The agony! I will have to occupy my time with knitting I guess. And also, I was listening to Drew and Mike this morning talking about how boring yesterday's episode was, but I must disagree. I quite like Jin and Sun's story. I say that is a close second to Locke's. If anything, Charlie's story is the worst of them all. Blah blah you took heroin. Who cares?

In other news, I'm extremely busy. This is how shit goes in advertising. I'll be mind numbingly bored for a week and then BAM I'm loaded with work. So now I must write ads you won't read or pay attention to because the rest of the world could give a shit about silly ol' advertising. Unless it has to do with twins or monkeys you people just aren't interested. Well, damn it I'm gonna make you interested. Because that's my job.

Top that!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A story and then a list.

Yesterday, I wrote my last check to job A. It's a long drawn out story, but the people that know me understand THAT I AM FINALLY FREE OF THAT PLACE!!!! And this got me thinking of some memorable moments I had there. One being, of a time when I had to go to one of those seminars about 'working together and blah blahs'. We had to first all introduce ourselves and say what our favorite movie was. At least 6 grown women, all over the age of 30 said DIRTY DANCING. I was not one of these women, because I'm not over 30 and I'm also not completely pathetic. But then, I started thinking about it more and maybe these desperate hags were on to something.

Everything I know in life I've learned from Dirty Dancing:

1. This is my dance space. This is your dance space.

It's simple. Don't get to close to me, because if you do I feel all awkward and shit. Unless we're kissing.

2. Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Well, I actually like corners. But what I don't like is someone putting me in one. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I immediately want to get out. It's like sleeping against the wall, when you want to sleep on the other side. I always want the other side.

3. Patrick Swayze

When I would watch this movie with my childhood friend over and over again, pausing everytime to see the Swayze butt- I realize I was practicing my skills to use electronics. Oh wait, no- I just liked seeing his butt move in slow motion.

4. And all that dancing!

Okay, I really didn't learn anything from this. I am a horrible dancer, but I love doing it. So, there's that. I will get in these moods where I have to turn the radio up real loud and prance around like a moron. I'm like a child when I dance. There's no actual cool moves, just me bouncing up and down on the couch. I'm pretty sure all my good friends have seen this and would agree that I'm just a mess, but that it's pretty fun to watch.

And with that said, maybe Dirty Dancing was a good movie back when I was 10 and maybe I learned a thing or two- but really, those women at Job A really need to get out more. They're missing out on good movies, like Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I mean, really.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lists of things I shouldn't do, but do anyway.

1. Read the last 10 pages of The Sun Also Rises while driving home on 1-75.

2. Smoke cigarettes when drinking.

3. When in a stall, I wait until other people in the bathroom have left because I don't want to have to deal with mindless conversation at the soap dispenser right after I just took a shit.

4. Watch every single old episode of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High. I think this is driving Steve crazy. hehe.

5. Play backgammon all day. Especially when there's work to be done.

6. Let myself be so available to people.

7. Wear a shirt I got at a gay pride festival to the gym. Although there's no gay conotations on the shirt, boys still won't look at me, especially when another chick walks around looking like roller girl (i mean, was the short shorts, skin tight wife beater and knee high socks really all necessary?).

8. Jump to conclusions.

9. Spend too much time thinking of a number 9.

10. Crack my knuckles, while obsessing about things, while getting my hair cut too short, while spending money on concerts instead of an ipod and a trip to Spain, while going to sleep past by bed time so I can watch The White Stripes on Charlie Rose last night.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I went to college this weekend.

No, I didn't go back to University of Florida- but, man, that would've been a more interesting blog if I did. This blog would've been covered with burrito brothers and hari krishnas (sp?). But instead, I'll just tell you about my weekend in Ann Arbor.

I didn't think I'd be going to see Electric 6 this weekend, because when I mentioned it to Steve a week ago I didn't hear a response. But on Friday, whilst drinking at the WAB we both discovered we wanted to go and thus the phone calls began. Mike Charles bought us tickets and we were all set!

We were there by 7ish, where I soon found out I'd be the only girl in the bunch- and the reason I knew this was because the minute I walked in the door they wanted to show Steve the Italian Everyday chef so they can pause as she bends down to put things in and out of the oven. With all that entertainment, I then found out we'd be going to a fraternity! Of all places in the world I'd thought I'd be that night, a frat was not one of them. Okay, really, I learned later that it was just called Sig Ep, but it was really a co-ed housing unit for grad students. But still, where there's greek letters, posters of naked chicks, foosball tables, ping pong, boys playing 007, football on the oversized tv and a keg outside on the "smoking porch" there's a feeling of college in the air fo' sure. So after playing ultimate foosball (where there's multiple balls in play) and ping pong without the table, we decided that by 11 the bands before Electric 6 should be close to being done and we headed out. Only another hour and a 1/2 later did they finally come on. But they were rocking! Everybody dancing! Everybody drinking 2 dollar beer! Everybody happy now! He played some songs I hadn't heard before and really liked, so that was always good. And by the time they were done, it was already in the 2ish area. We were suppose to go to some super cheesy dance club, but since it was closing time for most of Ann Arbor we just headed back. And by heading back, I mean eating everything in sight, then that's what we did. We made hot dogs! We ate pretzels! We smothered things with Nutella!!! And then we went to Mike Charles room to tear shit apart. Yes, you heard me right. We couldn't stop listening to this guy:

Peter Pan can sure rock it out!

and Electric 6's Dance Commander video, where we then mimicked the "dance commander" and anything that wasn't bolted down was immediately thrown onto the floor and then picked up again to throw back onto the floor. Oh, we were silly. And then out of nowhere we all just passed out and didn't wake up until noonish. To where we ate breakfast at 1 and watched Dane Cook talk about Price is Right.

I'm just glad I didn't get too drunk and go to sleep spinning. I guess I learned a thing or two from being out of college for, oh my god, 4 years!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Don't get preggers if you're into that Scientology thing.

Holy crappin balls! I just read Yahoo news about how Katie Holmes is apparently "showing" blah blah blah. 3/4 of the news was pure crap, then the last 2 paragraphs totally freaked my fucking crap out of my butthole and onto my now shit soaked office chair.

I guess when you believe in Scientology and your pregnant, not only do they certify you as crazy, they also make you be completely silent while you push a friggin' human out of your coochie (yes, i said coochie-- what are you gonna do about it!). You can't scream, or make any type of grunting noises and of course no painkillers. So what then? You just sneeze and a turkey pops out? Apparently, these crazy looney tunes believe that a baby should be born into a silent world at first, as to not scar the kid. Don't mind all those camera flashes and the fact that your mommy and daddy star in shit movies, you'll be just fine because you'll be born in complete silence. WHAT FUCKING PSYCHOS!

Okay, to totally switch gears now- I must apologize for yesterday's blog. It was a mistake. I should have dedicated that blog to my sister, as yesterday it was her 39th birthday!!!

I barely remember her growing up. I remember that crappy house we lived in, where our walls were psycho ward green. And I remember lots of tie-dye. And I vaguely remember her calling me care-bear. I do know she was always running away. She was considered the outcast in the family for reasons I don't need to share with you. And then, one day had enough. So, she just up and left. I was only 6. She got married. She had my nephew. She only lived an hour away and I never really saw her. And then I grew up. I went to college, and realized I can do whatever I want and so what if there's beef between families, I want to get to know my sister damn it! So we did. And as much as she tells me she loves me and wouldn't tell anyone my deepest darkest secrets, I hope she knows the same is true for her. I love you. Happy Birthday (yesterday)!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I wasn't lost. I was just getting drunk.

I love you.
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DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY ON LOST! I repeat, I saw the first 20 minutes and then had to leave to drink beer. It was necessary. My throat was dry. I had to celebrate Yom Kippur the way they really did it in Israel. So, please, perty please do not tell me that the food is poison- or that Hugo went on some wild, I quit and not tell anyone I'm worth millions, adventure. Please don't tell me that the back part of the plane meets the front part of the plane. I just don't want to know. That's what my DVR is for. It tapes things for me so I can have a life and then return to my regularly scheduled program when I choose to. And for that, I love it.

In other news: I have 4 radio spots to write and it's due tomorrow, so I'm not sure why I'm still typing this garbage just so my mom can read it.

I'm out.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Don't take my word for it.

Watch the trailer:


In news you won't care about:
The cold, grey weather is starting to effect me. I can feel it. I think there's a reason I was born in Florida. I wasn't meant for this kind of weather. Although, it does give me an excuse to buy new jackets. And I almost bought one for a hundred bucks, but stopped myself because I realized I don't have a hundred bucks.

And now that I just talked to Jessie for almost an hour (and for those of you who don't know me that's a feat in itself. i don't usually talk on the phone for more than a minute let alone a whole hour! but i'm working on that, because when most of my friends don't live near me i have to use the ever burning cell phone in order to keep in touch). ANYWAY, she got me a little motivated to really save money to visit her in Spain. I'm hoping for April. I know I said I'd go there last year, but last year I wasn't making any money, I wasn't getting any raises and I was hating my life. This year is a little different. Now, I just hate the weather.

Happy Hump Day. It's also Columbus Day, and apparently Spain Day. Go celebrate!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Baseball is an American Bore.
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Maya, you didn't tell me the boy likes baseball too! AHHHHHHHHH! I was minding my own business, eating really awesome chili and then out of nowhere baseball appears on the tv. And then I'm stuck, because it's Monday and there's nothing on TV on Mondays. So, I wasted time on the internet and heard Steve screaming at the flickering box as if what he was saying the players can hear. And then he called for me to watch this amazing play, but I didn't care. Even though it was pretty funny to see two players collide right into each other. But still, I didn't care. And I never will. Because I remember going to a Braves game once and I almost fell asleep I was so bored. And I remember playing softball for a year, and picking grass in the outfield because I was bored. Ya know why? Because it's boring waiting 3 hours for someone to score. Hoping that with every ball thrown that a bat might touch it and that no one will catch it just so you can run to a base safely. Ahhh, the agony.

In other news, I hate my fucking piece of shit Nissan.

And... I woke up in a good mood today. I don't know what came over me.


Monday, October 10, 2005

And they don't even look like cobras.

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Saw The Detroit Cobras on Friday. If you haven't heard of them or if you have, but haven't seen them- stop picking your nose and see if this rockin' band is coming to your neighborhood. I know they are coming to Boston, as Maya will be seeing them this week. They friggin' rocked. Even the 3 bands I heard before them rocked (Maya, go early to catch The Reigning Sound). Well worth the 10 bucks. Probably the best 10 bucks I've spent to see a show in awhile. The drinks helped. But still, I was dancing and singing and did s'more of that dancing thing. It was awesome. Half of the crowd I went with didn't think is was so awesome and they left. I say pooey on them. When we left to find the other half, we got lost too many times and just said, fuck it, let's go play in that playground at 3 am even if it's 40 degrees outside. And that's exactly what we did. Fun times were had by all.

Saturday, well, Saturday was just as exciting, but in a very different way. Mike Charles burned SHARK ATTACK 3: MEGALODON for us!!!!!!!!! And boy, was it a treat. Okay, so after you look up where The Detroit Cobras are playing, go to your local videodrome and pick up this movie. I GUARANTEE BIG LAUGHS OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!!! Not only does it have really bad graphics and sometimes clips that you can totally tell are from the 70's spliced into a more recent movie, but there's also soft core porn, lots of random nudity and did I mention a shark that's at least 3 times the size of the Titantic?

Spoiler Alert:
Oh, and probably the funniest scene ever is when the main dude and his love interest get dropped off by the typical old navy seals guy. Anyway, the love interest expresses how exhausted she is wherein the main dude says, "Yeah, me too. But I'm really wired. Let's say we go back to my place so I can eat your pussy." THIS CAME OUT OF NOWHERE! It was just so strange and yet so hysterical. Go rent it immediately!!!

In other news, even though it's 50 and raining outside, for some reason it's 90 degrees in my office right now.

Friday, October 07, 2005

It's like I'm 12 all over again.

Everybody wants something!
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Tonight is the season premiere of Degrassi: The Next Generation. But who cares about that when they are playing all the original episodes everyday! It's much more awesome that watching old Saved by the Bells. Even more awesome than Punky Brewster (although that one with Cherry stuck in the freezer was indeed a classic- Nicole we should rewatch those- maybe on a knit night?). I'm not even sure how I started watching Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High as a kid, because I don't think Florida has CBC, so I guess I must have watched it when I lived in Pennsylvania for that one dreadful year.

I remember there was even an episode that my dad watched with me, and when a character dropped a pack of cigarettes he immediately commented, "Is this show Canadian?" It's good to know that my dad only realizes where places are from the type of packaging cigarettes come in.

I remember The Zits. I remember Spike getting pregnant. And of course JOEY JERAMIAH! What a hottie!! And really that's all I could remember, until last night when I basically made my roommate watch 2 episodes of this classic. It was so awesome. The graphics, the hair, the way they talked. It really took me back. Especially one scene, where a father asks a son, "Have you ever heard of CRACK?" I mean, really, how many kids in junior high are doing crack? Okay, there was this one time.....

In Lost news, JIN SPEAKS ENGLISH! So, is anyone thinking that The Others are actually all the other people from the plane? I personally thought the whole button pushing thing was a little overdone and found myself screaming at Jack to fucking push that stupid button already.

Oh, and congrats Detroit for having the most Lost viewers. We are actually good for something.

And lastly, it's Fall. I can tell because it's cold and the leaves are changing.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Proceed with caution: This blog is pure crap.

Must. Drink. Water.
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1st attempt for a blog entry: I decided that even if I only get 5ish hours of sleep, and I feel like shit this morning I will not drink coffee as a cure. I just end up feeling shittier. So, instead I am on a mission to actually finish 32 oz of water. I never finish my jug that I bring with me at work, but today I'm determined damn it.

2nd attempt: God, this is turning into a shit blog, huh? I have no energy to write anything. I thought, well, maybe I'll start the day blogging so I can feel all creative when it comes to actually fixing my radio spots. But nooooooo, instead today's blog is a complete turd. I blame the extra strength ibuprofen (maya, what did we used to call this?) and 2 and 1/2 beers I had after 10 yesterday. But I really had to. It was the last nice day. Even the waitress said so.

3rd attempt: Whatever anyone does today, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT tell me what happened in Lost last night. I only watched half of it. I got to the part where the chick was thrown into the hole with Sawyer and co. and oh my goodness, I can only imagine what happened next. But please don't tell me, because I plan on immediately going home after the gym and rewatching the whole episode. I love how awesome this show is. I recently tried watching an episode of Desperate Housewives, and couldn't even watch 15 minutes without wanting to slit my wrists. Do people still actually like this show? Please people, there's actual intrigue and mystery in Lost. Don't waste your time with gorgeous people having melodramas mixed with clutziness.

4th attempt: And lastly, does anyone know when Project Runway is coming back on? I'm going through reality tv withdrawl! HELP!

I gave up: Okay, sorry for wasting all of your time today. Go do something productive, or work related. Stand by a water cooler or look at the computer for a few hours whilst thinking about absolutely nothing. Well, go!

UPDATE: I drank all 32 ounces of water. And I'm still thirsty.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Celebration of sorts.

Some old couple.
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Yesterday I wasn't planning on celebrating the new year with 5 glasses of wine and a shit ton of food, but I did. All thanks to Steve, Anna and Ari (who I mistakenly thought were Abbie and Zach??? oh, that silly wine). We feasted! We listened to Elvis on records! We even said things in hebrew! God knows what any of it meant, but the food was delicious.

Now, for what I really wanted to write today.

Today is the day that marks my parents 30th anniversary! For as many times as I've wanted them to get a divorce in my life, it really is quite remarkable that 2 people can stick it out for 30 whole years. I'm not even sure I'll live that long.

And yet, yes there's a yet, they actually met years, maybe even decades before that. And this is how their story goes: (Mother, forgive me if I get this wrong, as I know I will)

Marcia was just 14 years old, and was most likely a rebel by then. Just waiting, itching, to become a hippie. She and a girlfriend went to see 13 Ghosts. No, not that lame movie that was out a few years ago. This was the original- in black and white and everything. So, they are there and then, lo and behold, Howie walks in with his friend. Probably looking a little chubby, but sharp. Sharper than he should since his family was dirt poor, and well, Marcia was quite the opposite, with long black (?) hair, legs that would stop traffic and money out the wazoo. She probably paid for her friend to get into the movie for all I know. Either way, that's all the information I have. They met and quickly became friends, even though she went to an all girls' school and he, an all boys' school. They were JUST FRIENDS for many years; for many marriages (3 to be exact). And one such union was with Marcia and Albie (sp?), who just happened to be one of Howie's good friends, (and my sister's father). But he's dead now. So it goes.

It's a story that deserves more than a paragraph. And really it's none of your business. And if I actually shared my parents whole, true dirty, yet weird and sometimes delightful story, I'd probably be disowned (like that hasn't happened before). But everyone has a past, and my parents have a past that's more than 30 years old, but as far as the law goes, they have officially been able to state in their taxes that they are indeed married- husband and wife- till death do they part- and for that- Congratulations!

Love and kisses and all that other crap.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Oh, and another thing!


Party like it's 5,622! (What year is it exactly?)

My lucky roommate got to take the day off, while I didn't want to waste a day on what I consider to be just another Tuesday. BUT, maybe I can use this holiday as an excuse to drink and get my Jew on!


There was no reason I picked that picture.

I miss you Anne of Green Gables
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I sorta decided when I got this new job that I'd stop passing along my blog. I've mentioned it a few times to some people, and someone once asked what it was, but I wouldn't reveal the information. Not like I'd ever write about my job, or about the people that work here, but.... (here comes my reason- get ready! It's ranty!!)

The reason: Because some people continuously give me shit for things I write. Yes, I know I'm not the nicest person in the world, but I never said I was. I've always been honest. I've always said I hate Detroit (or really, that I hate the snow). I've always said that I can't seem to find a normal boy. I've always said that some of my friends can hang while others just can't. And it's all true. It's not all some hidden secret to me or to them. So, yesterday when I get an im from Nicole copying and pasting something I wrote I told her YES YOU ARE LAME BECAUSE YOU GO TO SLEEP AT 10 ON A SATURDAY! AND YOU KNOW THIS SO WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING ME! Obviously you aren't that lame, or I wouldn't hang out with you sillys! If you truly sucked, I wouldn't talk to you. It's called being sarcastic. And I've slowly discovered that some people just can't handle this. To which I say, no one is pointing a gun at your head forcing you to read this. I am sarcastic. I try to emphasize things with a "hehe" and a "haha", but sometimes I just don't, because I don't have to, because this is my blog damn it! I was practically raised as an only child, and I'm stubborn and spoiled and all those horrible things that happen when you are the golden child and get everything you ask for at a reasonable price. This is who I am, and if you don't like- then you don't have to read it. Cause I'm not stopping for anyone!


Monday, October 03, 2005

Fear and Loathing in Ferndale

I want them all!
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This weekend was pretty tame. No late night events, mainly because my new found friend Devin, was out of town this weekend, and my other friends are well, lame. hehe.

Besides, with my neck killing me and my witch doctor prescribing me painkillers, I pretty much had my weekend planned out for me.

Friday night: Read the label on xyz painkiller. It said, "TAKE AT NIGHT. WILL CAUSE DROWSINESS!" I figured, I'm tough. I'll take it at 7 just to see how this shit works. Well, it worked all right. I could barely keep my eyes open past 9. I had to literally force myself to stay up till 10. I couldn't walk to the basement, because I feared I'd be mid folding laundry and just pass out.

Saturday: What a glorious day! Went for a hike with Nicole and Matt, then treated ourselves to Apple Cider and cinnamon soaked Doughnuts. Later, Nicole and I headed to the WAB where she handed me information that I have to deal with.

Sunday: Spent most of the day on my knees! Doing yard work, you sickos! It was actually nice to be out in the sun, ripping out weeds and raking. I'm a loser. I know this.

So, back to these painkillers. What do people normally take with them? I mean, do people actually drink and smoke whilst taking them? And if so, how are they functioning?

Shit, I have a meeting now. Have a nice week.