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Monday, July 31, 2006

My safety music...

I go through music phases, but really I'm pretty consistent. I just know what I like. I don't seem to follow a trend. I'll listen to a CD and if my ears don't like it, I won't keep listening to it just because my friends do or because society says it's good. Fuck, I like Justin Timberlake- always and forever! But I also like this band I'm listening to right now, The Book and I like Pinback and Spoon and Ladytron and Kanye West and so on (not a band).

But what I've noticed about all these bands is that they are very disposable. In a few years, I might not ever hear another record from Boards of Canada or BRMC. I might flip back to it on my ipod, but I won't care to see Death from Above 1979 or Architecture in Helsinski because they won't feel nostaglic, they'll just feel old.

Which brings me to my point. Where is the Elvis Presley? The Johnny Cash? The Otis Redding? The CAT STEVENS!! The Dolly Parton (old, not new) and dare I even say, the Nirvana (although I was never a die hard fan) for the new generation. Where is the music that never gets old?!

Sure, there's Radiohead and maybe Beck. But man, even they can get stale after a few years. But Dephece Mode? I can listen to them day and night.

I just think our kids are in a dire need for some greatness. That's all.

Now, all you music freaks speak your mind. I guarantee you, you're wrong.

Friday, July 28, 2006

My yahoo makes me wanna puke?

Okay, so I have to admit I kind of like the Yahoo ads plastered all over my internet. It's actually a rip off of an Altoids print ad (but what isn't a rip off, seriously?) But does anyone else find this new Yahoo super irritating? I'm hoping they'll figure out these little bits of annoyances sooner than later (bring it you people with your opinions!)..

-I feel like I have to take 4 steps now just to get to my email.

-Whenever I just accidently move my mouse over the weather/email area some gay ass loading page comes up for no real good reason.

-The entertainment area is weird. I can't just click on a link and get the news. I see a little picture and something that looks like a link, but it's not. I actually have to click on something else to get a second headline, and then click to go somewhere like the 9, whatever the fuck that is.

-So, one time I did click on this 9 thing and it took me to video news. I just want articles, not some video that can't play until it buffers and then looks all distorted.

Alright, I actually blogged a lot this week. And today has really been my only slow day. Right now, I'm just waiting for either good or bad news. Let's cross our fingers that this idea I've spent a month working on comes to life!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Barrie is so sleepy...

I'm not sure if I've ever told you, blog, but when I worked at a sleepaway camp at the age of 17 I had this very random sleeping spell. I felt really tired, and just fell asleep. I didn't wake up for days. I was tested for mono and everything came back normal. The owners and my parents just assumed I was high on the pot. Then it kinda happened again a year later, except I'm not sure if I slept as much as I was just out of it for what seemed like weeks. And then it never happened again.

Yesterday, as I was flipping channels when Project Runway would play commercials something on abc news caught my eye. A disorder called KLS (mom, I can't remember what this stands for; Klein something Syndrome). They have no idea how people get this, or why it happens or how to cure it, but it sounds freakishly similar to what I had.

Although, I don't think I have this, because the people they've looked at sleep for weeks, then months and it keeps happening. But the alarming part to me was who it happens to and the side effects.

They said they think it's a gene that's found in mainly jewish people. Hi, Jew here! I don't think they explained why they think Jews carry this gene, but they've found that like 99% of the people who has this syndrome are jewish. Weird.....

They said that you usually feel disoriented and not even realize you've lost days sleeping. That's exactly what I felt like. I had no recollection of anything. I just wanted to sleep. I slept on a Thursday and woke up on a Sunday, like it was totally normal. I remember people making me wake up to eat. I'd have enough energy to do this, and then back to sleep I went.

They also said that you can't remember a lot of what's happened. Hi, that's like how my life has basically been. I know people say, I can't even remember yesterday, but you can (I know I can). But I know there are pieces of my life that I truly can't remember. I couldn't tell you who a single teacher I had when I was as a kid. My mom will tell me things like how I was severly burned once, with blisters and everything when I was like 10. I have no memory of this whatsoever. This, of course, could be related to other things, but let's just say for hypocondriatics sake it's because of KLS.

Then the out of sorts feeling. They said these people randomly have this fuzzy feeling. This is the exact feeling I had the second time around, and even at grad school I'd have little spouts of this feeling and would get so worried that I'd fall into this sleeping spell again. Luckily, I didn't. But man, the fuzzy feeling is super strange. You basically feel like you're in a dream all the time, but you're awake.

So, I highly doubt I have this, because it hasn't happened in years. But if it comes up again at least I know it's not from pot or stress or not enough sleep. Man, this truly tripped me out though. I ended up watching it instead of Project Runway. But I think that butch looking chick got kicked off, right? She should have anyway, cause that dress was the opposite of stylish.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The park behind my house.

There are plenty of things that bother me about city life:

The dudes that shoot fireworks outside my apartment building at 3am (I've already called the cops).

The dudes (who I think are the same as these fireworks assholes) who fly their remote controlled airplanes all day in my (Yes, my!) parking lot.

And all the trash throughout Capitol Hill. (I've talked to Zach about this, and his defense was that NY and LA are the same. But to me, this doesn't make it right. And I'd have to disagree about NY. I'd say Capitol Hill is comparable to New Orleans after Mardi Gras. Trash fucking everywhere. It can get kinda gross at times. If I had gloves as hands I'd pick shit up all the time.)

BUT, the reason I love it here is because of things like yesterday. It was beautiful outside and I first went to the park that was like 8 blocks away. Then I went to the park that's just one block away. That park was like a fair of amusement. Guys playing chess with empty 40's. One dude juggling with sticks. A team of bocce players. And a group of young and old doing Tai Chi. Bongos aplayin', people enjoyin' and just a good ol' day all around.

Okay, fuck, I've got to work today. Like a lot.

Monday, July 24, 2006

How'd that happen?

Have you ever cut yourself on the finger so bad that it didn't bleed? No?? Are you sure? Because I just did.

The other day I was making a Waldorf salad (very good by the way) and then I looked at my finger. Why is there a huge piece of my finger now hanging off? And why isn't it bleeding? And why doesn't it hurt? It was super weird. The gash is pretty deep. I'd say a little deeper, and I would have needed stitches. And it just mysteriously happened.

I'm pretty sure it was my absentmindedness with a knife in the kitchen. Mystery solved!

In other news, I need me some freelance.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sans friends and 2 other things...

Sans friends:
So, I knew that moving to a new city would be fun, exciting, different. Basically insert any adjective you want and that's what moving to a new city where you don't know a single person at all is like.

But today I got kinda bummed. There's only so much you can do by yourself. I'm not the type to call people I just met and say, "Hey. What's up. Please hang out with me." So, I just wait and hope they like me enough to call.

Luckily, everyone at work is pretty much the coolest and they all love to go out and get drunk almost every night. I just would like to find non-work friends too. I guess I'm asking a lot for only being here for 3 months. It's just hard. But hopefully it will be like Michigan. A year goes by and I have lots of friends.

Has anyone else done this though? I have only moved to cities where I've at least known one person. But never have I gone to a place completely blind, depending so much on me to make the first move. I even looked up knitting groups today and there's something actually going on tomorrow, but I'm so not a group person. I don't know if I can just walk in a place and say Hi! I'm here! Let's talk and be friends and shit! Hmmmm. This is gonna be hard.

The last blog:
Whoa, I never realized that people would react so negatively to my last blog. It's crazy! Especially since it really wasn't all that true. My friends, Caitlin and Beth, have been trying to set something up for the last 2 years. And this year we were pretty close, but there was money issues, graduating grad school issues and the fact that I moved out here on short notice killed it all. I really never asked, Maya, Steve, Devin, Carl, Kelly or Jen to ever go on a trip.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure my mom wrote the Go away comment, and I guess that's what a mom should do. But really I just find it all funny, that these anonymous people like to assume from one blog they know who I am, and if my friends are really my friends. Although, I can safely say that these people, who I'd like to assume don't know me, most likely jerk off to foot porn. But that's neither here nor there.

On writing:
I've been thinking a lot about writing something. I had about 30 pages of a pretty depressing book written and then I couldn't write it anymore. I wanted something funny and uplifting. Not something about how I don't talk to my dad anymore. And then I saw the Maddox book today and got kinda inspired. There are so many guy oriented books: How to be a ninja. How to be a pirate. Manliness 101. The art to one night stands. How to be a prick and so on. But nothing at all written by a chick. I'm pretty sure the reason for this is because woman aren't funny at all. Amy Sedaris might be the only one I've honestly laughed out loud to. But as of yet, I haven't read a good book by a woman who didn't talk about shoes or relationships and at the same time made me giggle.

I'm not saying I'm gonna do this either, cause I'm not that funny. But I can try, right?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's official. Everyone I know sucks.

For maybe the last 3-4 years all I've wanted to do is take a fucking trip with some fucking people. Some would call these people, friends or relatives. I've heard of where others do this. Plan a week of fun and shit, with various friends and/or family members. I hear they actually have fun and do things like relax. I hear they plan to do it again for the next year. I hear of wonderfulness and joy and smiles and I see pictures of these things, and I get jealous.

I guess it's my fault, because I've never had a clique of friends. If I ever got married, it would be so awkward for everyone I know, because no one knows each other. They'd be in groups:

Group 1: Caitlin, Jessie and Beth (college friends)
Group 2: Jen (my last remaining friend from home)
Group 3: Kelly, Carl and Tripp (PC friends)
Group 4: Maya and Steve (CE friends)
Group 5: Devin and Steve (I only put Steve in twice, because Devin really doesn't know any of these people, except for Steve. and devin kinda loves him- not in a homo way, but in a gay way) (random michigan friend)
Group 6: Mom and sister (we share blood)

I mean I understand that people have shit going on. I do too. But we all need time to relax. Time to get away from shit. And sure we all have boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, kids, dogs and fucking cats, but still! If you have to do everything with that one person then I honestly think you kinda suck. I firmly believe you need time away from the people you see everyday. You need to revisit your good friends, otherwise you might as well sit in a hole and die.

Yep, that's how I feel. I hate you all.

Okay, I lied. But someone, take a vacation with me. I want to go to Mexico.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Earth, wind and take cover.

I'm not sure if I'm suddenly more aware of things dealing with the earth because a) I'm older and wiser (doubtful) b) I'm reading Fast Food Nation or c) I just saw An Inconvient Truth.

EVERYONE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SEE AN INCONVIENT TRUTH. I guarantee you this movie is way more worth the 9 bucks you'll pay, then if you see Me, You and Dupree. Coincindentally, when I gave the ticket dude my ticket he said to me, "Let me guess. Me, You and Dupree." And I immediately said, "Um, definitely no." I love that movie ticket guy can be just as judgemental as everyone else in the world. That's comfort, right there.

So, back to the movie. Please, please, please see it. I know there's only about 5 people who actually read this, but even if just one of you see it, maybe we can offset something. Change even a little. Because if we don't do something, even the smallest thing, the place I grew up will be under water in no less than 50 years! I'll want to show my grandkids my high school, but I won't be able to because it will be under 20 feet of water. Of course, living in Coral Springs we knew this. The high school on the other side of town has been sinking ever since it's been built, but that doesn't make it right. It doesn't make it right that polar bears are dying because they can't find ice bergs to live on, because all the ice bergs are MELTING! It doesn't make it right that Lake Chad, one of the largest lakes ever, is now non exsistent!

I walked a mile to see this movie, thinking that I'd just take the bus back. But after seeing it, I decided why take the bus when I can just walk? It's those little things that will improve our children's future. And to the people who think nothing that bad could possibly happen so soon, then see this movie. Because you're dead wrong.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Make it work folks.

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Project Runway is here and in full effect. I already have a few favorites, a few what were they thinking and a few that seem to be carbon copies of previous seasons (the santino dude).

Besides that, anyone heard the Thom Yorke cd? Thanks to Carl, I have. And currently I've been listening to it on repeat all day long. I say get 2 thumbs up.

This might be my shortest blog to date, but I have so much work I actually feel bad writing this sentence right now.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mail Order Gym Member

No matter what time I go to the gym, (usually it's before work, but on days off or days where I drank too much the night before it's after work or the middle of the day) I always see an Asian little chick, who looks no more than 19. She's always with who I assumed to be her trainer. For what I have no idea, because she doesn't actually look fit at all. She's skinny, but for as much as she goes she should at least look defined. Her and this trainer dude always walk around together, but don't talk. She listens to her ipod and they make hand motions to where she's supposed to go to next. One time I heard her sing to her ipod and her voice was so bad, I almost cried. I actually left the room.

Today I saw her by herself. She looked confused. She was walking around in circles, not knowing what to do, which machine to use. She was completely lost inside a gym she probably spends the majority of her day in. That's when I saw her trainer, a man in his 50's who looks like the type that watches foot porn, walking fast toward her. They walked out together, hand in hand which totally confused me. Are they married? Or was this just some affectionate thing that trainers do when they leave their asian proteges inside a gym by themselves for no more than 3 minutes. Either way, I think it's weird.

And don't get me started on the guy that coughed his way through the ellipitical machine. Then he had the balls to get off and not even clean up after he dirtied the machine with his infections. I think I'm gonna start cleaning anything I touch there before and after I use it. Yuck!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Never say never, unless I say it and then we're all screwed.

I never thought I'd go back to Michigan, not even to visit friends. I just assumed anyone who wanted to see me could come out to Seattle, since no one's been here before.

But now, all of a sudden I have a ticket with my name on it. And it's headed for good ol' Detroit.

Relax, I didn't change jobs again (heaven's no! I love this place way too much to ever leave). Mike has a friend's wedding to go to and he was willing to pay for my ticket. Isn't he the most awesomest?

I actually can't wait to see some of my friends. Steve's long gone, but I already planned some quality drinking time with my good friends Kelly and Devin. Hooray for visits! Hooray for the WAB and hefeweizen on tap! Hooray for many hours lying around naked! Hooray Hooray!

The only crappy part is now I have to go shopping for dresses and shoes (i might be the only girl who hates shoes). Get ready for some serious panic attacks at stupid stores that guarantee big sales on designer clothes. Argh!