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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What just happened...

So, I decided to eat lunch at home today. The view from my placce is so pretty that I can't escape it. And as I'm leaving to go back and head to a meeting, I hear screams, crying and incoherent french speak. I'm hitting the button for the elevator to go down and it opens. Next thing I know a little kid, maybe 4 years old comes towards me crying hysterically. I'm like, ummmmmmmm kid, what is wrong with you? And the kid just starts pacing back and forth, crying and crying and not saying anything. I scream to the french mommy who I hear a few floors below that I have her stupid kid and she hurries on up, thanking me over and over again.

At first I thought, what the fuck?! How do you lose a person that easily. Get a fucking lease or something for pete's sake! But then I really thought about it. Because I would lose my mom on a daily basis as a kid. Although I don't remember ever crying about it, because I never realized I was technically lost. I'd somehow lose her at the grocery store, finding something fascinating. Or hear my name, "BAAAAAAA" being called at the mall as I hid under the spinning racks. Even when I lost my way at the Dade County Youth Fair (not the safest place to be when you're 10 and alone), I wasn't all that scared. I should've been, but I was so used to wondering off, always figuring I'd just find my way in the end.

And now, I think I FINALLY found my way.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm here.

So, I made it! I can't even describe how awesome it is here. I remember first coming to Detroit, and it was raining and I had this pit in my stomach saying everything was a little wrong.

But while driving on I90 for what seemed like forever, I finally saw Mount Rainer (sp?) and just couldn't control my excitement.

So, let me back up a little. Like the driving bit. IT WAS INSANE!!! This is the kinda trip you only do once, because man oh man was I tired by the end. Like the kinda tired where they warn you on The Today Show about how people die from sitting in the same position for too long without walking around. I got that feeling. All I wanted to do was stop and walk, but I knew I couldn't. I HAD to get there.

The highlights are as followed:

1. Almost hitting a family of deer at 12am somewhere in Montana. Luckily there was a little space in between the family, otherwise there would have been carnage everywhere and my car most likely wouldn't have made the rest of the trip.

2. The stars on I90 going through Montana were unlike anything I've ever seen. I forgot to take a picture, but hot damn were those suckers bright (although, not bright enough to see those damn stupid deer).

3. Mount Rushmore- I knew what I was getting into. And yeah, it's kinda corny and all, but still I had to see it and take too many pictures.

4. The Badlands in South Dakota- pretty fucking awesome. If you're a Star Wars geek you should go here. Dessert like mountains, with prairie dogs EVERYWHERE.

5. Wall Drug- you see signs starting in Iowa I think and they basically don't stop for another 12 hours. I got my FREE ICE WATER and left.

6. Idaho was shockingly very impressive. Mountains everywhere. A little scary driving through it all, but still pretty damn awesome.

7. Montana was by far the best. If you have a chance to even just drive through it, do so. You won't be sorry. Unless you drive at night on no sleep and almost hit 3 deer. But besides that, go!

So, now I'm at my new job and for reasons I don't feel like explaining I rather not tell you boys and girls where I'm at. Saying I'm in Seattle is enough. If you're an ad dork you can probably figure it out. If you're not, then do you really care anyway?

Hope all is well with everyone. I'll talk to you guys soon.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm leaving tomorrow.

As much as I've talked shit about Detroit, Michigan and its surrounding areas, this past year has actually been quite wonderful. I've made a lot of friends (to me 4 is a lot). I've gone camping, boating, seen enough concerts to put a pretty big dent in my wallet and well, I'll just miss it all okay!

Don't get me wrong, I still hate the winter. I still will be thankful if I never see snow ever again. But today, I walked outside and saw tulips growing in Steve's front yard and almost cried. I'm glad I get to see the start of Spring. In some cheesy way, it's like a start of something new for me too. Then I got misty in the car, seeing all the trees, thinking about all the people I might not see for a real long time. People who have told me that they'll definitely come and visit, but I know how things go. I've said those same things, and have yet to plan any trips with all of my bestest of friends.

To Kelly: You're probably the only one reading this, and of course as I type this Walk the Line is playing (I shit you not!). You know I'll miss you and all your crazy ways. Keep doing what you're doing, because everything seems to be finally working out. When I get to Seattle, I'll have a caramel macchiachito at Starbucks and think of you.

To Steve: I doubt you'll read this, but either someone at work will or Maya can relay this to you. You've been such a great roommate, thru thick and thin. And even if you do talk a lot, sometimes I actually liked it. You always entertained me with your joy for life and willingness to do anything all the time. You've become a brother I've never had, and I hope in our busy schedules we find the time to catch up every now and then. Now it's your turn to get the hell out of here.

To Devin: Part of falling for Detroit is thanks to you. You showed me the seedier, crazier sides of this town. Things I would have never seen if I hadn't met you. Again, I know you'll never read this, because for all I know you're probably still sleeping. But I'll miss you terribly.

To Mike: What can I say about him that he doesn't already know? Whenever I go to a party where old guys hit on me, whenever I see a fireplace, whenever I see that SNL skit, "come on old people, get on the train, the prescription drug train" I'll think of you.

Okay. Holding. Back. Tears.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

The safest place on Earth????

So, if you read Yahoo News, you're probably as shocked as I am about this:

Woman dies day after after riding Epcot ride

Notice the typo?

Okay, that was my first reaction. My next thought was how the hell are people dying in Epcot? From boredom??? From Figment- the original purple dinosaur?

Apparently, some Gravitron type ride (did you guys have those at your local fairs?) are causing people to go to the hospital, and now this is their second death. This just blows my mind, as Epcot is the most boring place on Earth (unless you do the Drinks Around the World). Disney World is by far more entertaining, what with that ride that takes you through the generations and the wedge way people mover (my personal fave, and a place you can totally smoke pot without getting busted by the Disney police- not that I've tried that, but ya know you hear stories).

Hopefully, they'll recitify this problem or Epcots only thrilling ride will shut down. Making it, once again that place you go to just to see that big golf ball.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I can pretend, can't I?

Yesterday I had to go to Target to buy an emergency car kit, in case my car breaks down after driving 34 hours straight from Detroit to SEATTLE! Usually I'm the kind of person that just takes whatever spot is open, because I don't mind walking the extra 3 feet. BUT, I noticed something kinda weird. There were two spots available in the front. Not for the handicap. But for Expecting Mothers! WHAT DA FUCK you might be saying to yourself?! How do they know? I mean, I could be expecting. What if, say, I was 2 months pregnant, does that still warrant me the good spot? What if I was adopting? Does that count? Luckily, there was a spot open right next to the Expecting Mothers sign so I didn't violate any laws, but really... would I get a ticket if I couldn't prove I wasn't indeed expecting a child? This seemed more crazy to me, then the stupid chick next to me who tried to back her Hummer into a spot that was much too small, but since it was up front she just had to have it. And it only took her 6 tries! Bitch, use your legs. That's why we have them?!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Today is unlike any other day.


I'm moving far, far away from here. Actually, far away from everyone. My mom looked at a map, and Coral Springs to Seattle are on the opposite ends of America. It's kinda crazy, and I'm overwhelmed with everything.

I'll tell more later....


Friday, April 07, 2006

How's this for a good mood?

1. Is it just me, or does it seem like any guy who uses an ellipitical machine is always considered gay?

2. Also, today might possibly be a good day.

3. Because, but only partly because I found out about this: (sorry, I can never remember the link to use where everyone can just click on it- although, I think I should figure this out real soon....)


Actually, my friends girlfriend texted me to check out The Real Detroit, pg. 11- to which I immediately picked up the paper to see that this fabulous Craftness is coming to Detroit in August. MAYA, WHERE ARE YOU!!!

So, then I also went to this:


and found this:


And then I seriously shit myself, because I want to transform my old t-shirts! I want to make ugly things pretty but most likely, the vice versa is true. Because really, I absolutely love doing these crafty things, but I know I'm not very good at it. I have the hardest time actually thinking up something visually appealing, which is weird since I'm in advertising. But, when I pick up the paint brush and apply it to canvas the result ends up looking messy and I usually don't get a good reaction. Whatever, right? I love doing it, no matter how horrible it turns out. It is my ugly mess and it's awesome to me.

Okay, that's enough for today. I hope everyone has the most fabulous weekend ever. And I hope I do too.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


My DVR fucking hates that I tape Lost for some reason. The only show I give a shit about, and it never tapes it properly.

Case in point: Yesterday I come home from knitting with Kelly, and I think ooh, it's a little past 9. No worries, my DVR will come to my rescue. I turn on the TV. I see Hurley talking to Harry, from Sex and the City and then I notice that Lost isn't highlighted red like it should be. This has happened before. I've called the people at DVR land and the people that live there just think I'm wicked stupid. I don't do anything but hit record my favorite show ever, I tell you!!!

So, I'm secretly blaming Steve, because I have a feeling he probably taped a basketball game one day and it screwed shit up. I'm only blaming him because I have no one else to blame, except for maybe God.

So, I missed the first 10 minutes. And usually they rerun it on Saturdays, but of course fucking Minority Report with fucking Tom Cruise will be on instead. Basically, I want to kill everyone because I missed the first 10 minutes of Lost. I will never get those minutes back, unless I rent the whole damn series and that's just silly (but secretly tempting).

And oh yeah, I'm a loser.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Crash and Burn

So, Steve and I watched the AWARD WINNING MOVIE, Crash last night. I think I rather watch The Notebook over and over again then ever see this piece o' crap ever again. This just confirms my theory, that not only is Tom Cruise a moron, but every actor/actress/director/screenwriter is following in his footsteps. The whole thing just made me want to puke. If anything, this was an upgraded Lifetime movie, with guns, random killings and acts of kindness from those who once wronged. Give me a fucking break!

Plus, it made us both mad how the movie seemed like it was trying so hard to tell the truth. It was begging us to believe that we're all loud mouthed racists. That we all hold our purse a little closer when a black guy walks by, or think that anyone who is a little tanner than us white folk must be an import and therefore not understand us, Americans. And not only do we think this in this movie, but we say it out loud whenever anyone of the opposite race threatens us or makes us mad.

Not sure the last time I checked my watch, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people (not including middle america) don't do this anymore.

Sure, we might all lock our doors when we enter Detroit the minute it gets dark. But who doesn't? I never snicker at someone because of who they are, unless they're on What Not To Wear (hehe). Not only, do I not say anything, but I don't think it either. I don't bite my tongue, because it doesn't because a thought. I buy my cigarettes at 7-11, and all I know is that someone hands them to me. I think it's a white kid, but really, I'm not sure. And I don't care.

By all means, I'm not saying I'm perfect. I grew up in a home where the N word was occasionally uttered. But what I do know, is that Crash fucking sucked and its views on who we are sucked as well. And if you're gonna see any movie with the name like Crash, then go to imdb.com and look up the film that had people getting off on seeing or being in car crashes. That movie was at least entertaining and mildly erotic.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Go Gators or whatever.

So, for the first time ever (I think??) my alma mater won The Final Four. The last time they made it to the Final Four I was actually in my junior year at UF. And the night went a little like this...

I was in the middle of this stupid drama because a friend of mine started dating a guy I kinda dated before. It was stupid. I was more mad that she lied to me about everything that happened, then the fact that she was dating this dude (which no one ever seemed to believe- oddly enough, he turned out to be gay). She was my friend, and now suddenly there was this awkward beef that led to many headaches and lots of tears.

So, the night we were playing Michigan State (is that right? how ironic??!) I got trashed on something. Probably cheap beer and buttery nipples, as those were my drinks at the time. And lo and behold, I ended up at a bar where this girl and her gay boyfriend were at. It was difficult because we had lots of the same friends, so I tried my best to go with the flow. And while smoking a cigarette, I guess I accidently burned her. I heard her saying some nasty unwarranted things about me, which was just so uncalled for. Mix that with me being trashed, and suddenly I found myself pouring an entire cup of beer on her head. It was actually pretty awesome, the balls I had to do something like that. But I remember feeling an extreme amount of adrenaline. And suddenly we were screaming. My friend was holding me back, although I'd never throw a punch. The girl figured the best way to fight back was to throw a beer in my face. And all I wanted to do was get out and cry. So that's exactly what I did. I never felt worse because I was just so naive and out of control. It's never fun to feel like such a schmuk.

Needless to say, we lost that night.

Monday, April 03, 2006

That's One for April.

So, I successfully fooled a few people this year. Partically, my friend Beth who was actually fooled minutes beforehand by her other devious friend. She called me a few hours later, saying how she still couldn't believe how bad I tricked her. It was good.

If all the fools were actually true, I'd be the richest, lesbian with 10 kids and 5 husbands ever.

But really, it's my goal in life to fool Beth, as one year, back in college, she made me cry because of a trick that had multiple levels, and could go down as the best trick ever played on me.

Besides that, I'm extremely exhausted. Not sure if it has to do with the fact that I'm kinda stressin' over shit not going right in my life, or the fact that some things actually are. But either way, I'm taking this week off. Not from work, but from doing shit. I might actually knit again. And watch crap tv. Maybe even get a whole 8 hours of sleep. It will be like high school again, except without the 4 hour naps.