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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In a land, far, far away from here...

There is only happiness, and unicorns and rainbows and hippies who are really, truly nice to each other. In some other world there is peace and harmony and people who can sing and play the piano with grace. In this land, there would be little kids who play and run and hold your hand. And somewhere, off in the distance, maybe in something like a mirage there's a great big apple tree. A tree so big that you can live in it and it would have a running toilet that would never get clogged. Where you can dream big dreams that magically come true when you wake up. Where money is no object, where people don't die and jobs don't disappear from the people you love. There will be a great, big pile of sand and buckets to build castles with. And once you build a castle, it will come to life. Inside, you will find all the people and things that you hold closest to your heart. And when they need to leave you, they will write to you with real long letters like you like. They might even draw on said letters, little cartoons that will make you laugh out loud to yourself. You will have an endless supply of cereal and you will get to milk your own cows because that's kinda cool. You will also have a black bean tree because everyone wants something like that. In this amazing place everything will be right and true, and you will nap on one of those beds where you can jump and the wine doesn't tip over. There will always be enough blankets and books and yarn and crayons. And most of all, there will be you.


Sunday, January 17, 2010


This was one of those weeks, where happiness coincides with shit.

The good news is I turned 31 without a hiccup. It was uneventful, just like I like. I'm typing with freshly manicured nails and I took the day off of work. Two things I only do because of my birthday (I take days off, but it's almost always because I'm going on vacation).

The bad news is my Mom got laid off. Right about now, Jessie is probably emailing me. She is okay, in the sense that she cries a lot but that's kinda normal too. With only a few years left until retirement and a mortgage to pay and the economy the way it is, especially for people her age, it's hard to stay positive. But she has to. SHE HAS TO!!

So enough about the bad, because a) it's not my place to talk about this situation (I've probably said too much as it is) and b) it's always nice to end on a happier note.

And happy it shall be. To make up for not hanging out with friends on Friday (I was just thinking way too much about my Mom to be coherent enough to play Scrabble), Dominic and I went to the MUSEUM OF FLIGHT. We didn't have the experience our friend Aubrey had, where she spent 5 hours there being forced to read every single quote by every Tom, Dick and Harry who had flown a plane. Instead, we went at a nice pace and even got to see the inside of Air Force One and the Concord. We're huge dorks, mainly because we really enjoyed all of this. But the best part was I didn't wander off and actually walked with Dominic almost the entire time (I did lose him when I accidentally let go of his hand for more than 10 seconds). Why is this such a big deal, you might ask yourself? Well, I'm very used to doing things on my own, especially museums. I hate going with other people. I walk too fast. I don't care about reading every little thing, or anything for that matter. I just like walking around a museum, preferably with my ipod. But this time was different. I actually wanted some commentary. I wanted to stand near my boyfriend and giggle and learn and be with him. Who knew I could actually hang out with someone at a museum?! Anyway, it was a great experience for me and I hope for him too.

Afterwards, we watched yet another episode of Thirtysomething. That's right, Thirtysomething - the show from the 80s about a bunch of friends in their 30s and all the drama that comes along with being a real adult-like person with responsibilities and stuff - like me. Well, I borrowed the DVD set from a friend and now I'm totally addicted to it. It's not even all that great, but it's entertaining. In last night's episode it was all about one of the character's kids. This was probably the worst episode we've seen of the bunch. This little boy was the main focus and he was bonding with his now-single-mom over some story his dad used to tell. In the story, he is walking through the forest with his sister, who is a princess. When someone asks what the girl's name is, he replies, "Stoopidhead." Oh god, Dominic and I couldn't stop laughing about that.

So fast forward to today. I went to a plant swap with some knitters, and one of the plants that was given to me demanded to have a name. When I brought all my new plants home and positioned them around the house, I told Dominic we were to name that one. We immediately agreed on "Stoopidhead" and then watched another episode of Thirtysomething to celebrate.

The end.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Okay, fine. I'll admit it. But only to you people.

I turn 31 next week. I'm totally fine with that. I don't really have an averse feeling toward getting older. If anything, I'm smarter, happier and living the life I want to right now (give or take). I kinda want to see what I'll look like with grey hair and I can't wait for the day where it's totally acceptable to wear the same outfit every day.

And if you want to give me presents you can refer to the list I made for the holiday gift-giving blog, which is the all-encompassing AMAZON WISH LIST!!!

The part that I don't really need that comes with birthdays is the whole, "what are you gonna? let's go somewhere? what do you want?" thing. Fuck, I don't know what I want. I know I want stuff off my AMAZON WISH LIST, but to me January 13th is just an excuse for me to take the day off. Maybe I'll get a foot massage. Maybe eat dessert for dinner. Maybe catch a movie. But really, I just have no idea. And I usually don't know what I'll want until that day happens and in the past few years it's been nice to just be alone. This is the reason I stopped having parties for my birthday. And even if I've become a pretty big planner for other events ala soup swaps, knit nights or friend gatherings - this is just one of those days where I could care less about planning or doing anything.

I guess I consider that having no plan is a little birthday present to myself. And shocker, it's not even on my AMAZON WISH LIST.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Thank you ipod.

I really, truly love a lot of things. Sure, people smeople. But there are just some things in life I can't get enough of. Music is one of them.

Today I rediscovered a great song by Bob Dylan, I Shall Be Released. Even the title of the song - there's just something totally lovable about it. I think I've played it on repeat about 20 times today and honestly I might've never even known how much I loved it without my handy ipod - which is another one of those things I just love.

When I put my ipod on shuffle it's like I'm listening to the best jukebox ever. Probably because they are all songs I enjoy, but still - it's just something I've been addicted to since I got it, oh 4 years ago. It knows me. It's sometimes literally attached to my hip. And even when I need to be alone, it's there with me - every step of the way.

And then, thanks to itunes, when I searched for I Shall Be Released I found out I had FOUR versions of the song. I, of course, had to listen to every version multiple times while I cooked the night away before succumbing to my hour of catching up on Thirtysomething - a show I once loved, now on DVD.

And before you know it, I click on the genius button on Itunes - which allows you to make your own "mixed tape" by selecting a song. Itunes finds other songs like the one you picked and voila, the best mix ever - by just pushing a button.

From there, I rediscovered another great song. This time by John Lennon, Jealous Guy. And it all just makes me so happy. Songs. It's so silly, right? That a voice, an instrument or two and some great words can make me so weak in the knees. But it does. And I hope there's something like that out there that does that for you.

Because we all need something to love.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Question of the new year.

I'd like to think if I was a bum, and I was allowed to bring some amenities I have now I would bring the following in one backpack: dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, bar of soap, water bottle from REI, sanitizer, ipod, towel, long sleeve shirt, pants, short sleeve shirt, gloves, hat, sweater, sneakers, 2 pairs of socks and a pen and pad. A lot of those things could double as other things (and if anyone read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy all I'd really need is a towel). And most of the stuff I'd be wearing. So that's a light little backpack.

Which brings me to my question. Why do bums need to carry so much stuff with them? I never really saw a bum until I left Coral Springs way back, almost 13 years ago. But when I see them now they seem to collect more and more. They have one bag that just carries more bags. Another bag that carries clothes for all seasons. And then 10 more bags that carries things they've found and have no use for. There never seems to be a toiletry bag or a bag of listings for jobs - but who am I to talk. I have a house full of stuff I'll never use, that just sits there because I think it's pretty.

But my point is, if you were a bum - and all you did all day was walk around, wouldn't you want to be comfortable and not lug a bunch of baggage with you wherever you go?


Yesterday I saw a pair of bums trying to get around each other and all their stuff. It took about 5 minutes and it caused much laughter. And thus, the question popped inside my head.